Movie Details That Slipped Past Even  The Foremost  Attentive Fans

We watch a movie and in most cases, we forget it the second we walk out of the movie because it is not that interesting.  on the other hand, there are movies that we want to watch again and again. Once we watch a movie more closely, we start to note the Easter eggs in it. So, here may be a  list of movie details that went unnoticed all the times you previously watched those films. Let’s start.

1. Wrapping Things Up In  half-hour 

In the movie Fargo, Steve Buscemi’s character, Carl, delivers a line, “30 minutes, Jerry, we wrap this thing up,” exactly half-hour before the movie ends.

Wrapping Things Up In half-hour. The 1996  comedy thriller film Fargo was a huge critical and commercial success.  consistent to the American Film Institute,  it’s one of the 100 greatest American films of all time.

2. Fight Club Movie’s Warning Screen  you do not  Want To Ignore

Normally, people don’t expect to seek out  Easter eggs at the start of the movie, but the creators of Fight Club decided to try to do something about it. If you’re taking a closer look at the Warning Screen on the home DVD version of Fight Club,  you will find this warning message laughing at you. The one that discovered it deserves some sort of award for it.

3. Perfection

We all know that Christopher Nolan is one of the best filmmakers and he’s known for delivering nothing short of perfection. So, when it came to creating  Interstellar, the genius filmmaker decided to plant 500 acres of corn only for the film. Why did he do it? Well, he just didn’t want to use CGI on the farm. After concluding the film, he sold the corn and made a profit out of it, Now, that’s corny!

4. No Trouble In Reading  the duvet 

Fans of Disney 1987’s The Princess Bride give us an enormous cheer.  it’s one of the best Disney movies without any doubt. Not many of us know that the 20th Anniversary edition DVD cover of The Princess Bride can be read upside down as well as right side up.

5. The Detail You Missed In “Cars”

The 2006 American computer-animated film Cars was a billboard and critical success. It remodeled  $462 million and even got nominated for two Academy Awards. Although it’s many fans, most of them do not know one detail about it. In Cars, the canyons are all old cars and hood ornaments. Isn’t it cool, right?

6. Peter Parker Got What He Wanted

How many of you liked Spider-Man 2? As fans of Spider-Man,  we’ve watched the movies hundreds of times. But how could we miss this detail? In the movie, Peter Parker says he needs a “strong focus” before he jumps off a building. Well, he lands on a ford focus and it goes undamaged.

7. Tarantino Paying Tribute  a la mode 

Django Unchained is one of our favorite movies. We were only “today” years old  once we found out that Tarantino paid tribute to someone in Django Unchained.

In the film,  a person asks Django about his name and how it is spelled. Django responds, “The D is silent”  and therefore the  man responds, “I know.” Well, this man was none aside from  Franco Nero,  the first  Django from the original 1966 film.

8. When Clever Thinking Saved Money for Matrix Creators

In a scene in the movie Matrix, they couldn’t hide the camera,  in order that they put a coat over it and a half tie to match Morpheus’. As CGI was and still is sort o  expensive, they decided to travel for a clever solution. Impressive work!

9. Foreshadow Shows The Catwoman

Batman Returns is one of our favorite movies, but we never noticed a quite obvious detail in it.  In the movie, the shadow of Selena Kyle’s glasses foreshadows her transformation into Catwoman.

10. Unchanged Cars In John Wick Movies

We believe that Keanu Reeves is one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors. His movie John Wick came and it surprised everyone.

If you notice closely, John Wick parts 1  and a couple of were filmed and released 3 years apart, but the cars outside the Continental Hotel are identical between films.

11. Genuine Expression prevail 

Alan Rickman’s villainous role in prevail film was superb. But he didn’t know that the stunt team achieved an unexpected move to make the ending more realistic. Rickman’s petrified expression while falling was as real as gets because the stunt team told him that they would drop him on the count of 3, but they dropped him at 1.

12. Baymax In Moana?

The 2016 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film Moana was a 56th Disney animated feature and we absolutely loved it. It has a cool Easter egg in it. If you look closely,  you will see that one of the Kakamora in Moana is painted like Baymax from Big Hero 6.

13. Going for Cheaper Skeletons

This is one of the details that surprised us and most probably angered actress Jobeth Williams. So, after shooting the pool scene in the film Poltergeist, the actress came back and everything was okay. She later discovered that the skeletons she was swimming around were 100% real.  As expected, it spooked her.  the rationale why real skeletons were used was that they were a lot cheaper to get from a medical company rather than making them out of rubber.

14. Thumbprint on Lego Characters

In the Lego Movie, whenever a personality had a shiny surface on them, that’s  once you  can see a thumbprint on the surface.  This is a very clever detail that most of us have never noticed. All is you needed may be a  magnifying glass.

15. Beatles’ Submarine in Kingsmen

If you examine the vehicle hangar in Kingsmen, you’ll notice that  one among  the vehicles is a yellow submarine of the Beatles.  So we have a question: Does that mean Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are retired, secret agents?

16. Jacques Knows  the way to  Keep Clean

If you examine the after-credits scene of Finding Dory, you’ll notice that Jacques’ bag is the cleanest. This scene is from the ending of Finding Dory. Both movies have similar ending scenes with this crew.

17. A Subtle Hint

How many of you have watched Evan Almighty and not become a big fan of it?  In the movie, God poses as a waiter and interestingly, his tag says Al Mighty.

18. Using Son’s Face in Shawshank Redemption

If you ask any movie enthusiast about their top 10 movies of all time, most of them will list Shawshank Redemption on the highest of their list. In this masterpiece movie, the mug shot of Red when he was 20 years old required his younger version than he photoshopped Morgan Freeman’s son, Alfonso.

19. Ancient Version of Dreamworks Logo

In the 2000 animated adventure-musical comedy film The Road To El Dorado, Shaman flips through his book of spells, and what he sees next remained unnoticed for an extended time.

On the page,  there’s an ancient version of the Dreamworks logo. How could we all miss it?

20.  vitamin D  Supplements in The Truman Show

Now,  this is often one of the details that completely blew our minds. You see,  vitamin D  supplements are highly recommended to those people who don’t get regular sun exposure.

There is a brief moment in the film when we see Vitamin D supplements and it is really clever work.

21. Use of Pun Names In Zootopia

When Zootopia hit theaters, it became a moment hit. In one scene,  we will see the pun names on Judy Hopp’s iPod. The names are so hilarious.

By the way, accuracy in animated movies is typically high anyway. But this movie has set a replacement standard.

22. Sid The Sloth in Movie Robots

Sid the Sloth may be a  beloved character from the Ice Age, so it had been  a pleasant surprise to see him in the animated movie Robots. The movie Robots is additionally created by the makers of Ice Age, so it all added up  once we  saw a robot version of Sid the Sloth in the background.

23. Avengers Special  thanks to  Honor First Responders

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we notice that the clock atop Grand Central Station is replaced with a memorial to first responders. It is because the original one was destroyed during the battle of New York in the first Avengers film.

24.  the foremost  Heart-Rending Scene of Titanic

There is a scene in Titanic in which the ship is about to sink and the woman comforts her children by telling them about “Tír Na Nóg, The Land Of Eternal Youth And Beauty”

Not many know that in Irish mythology, Tír Na Nóg can only be reached by foundering water or across the sea.

25. X Stays Illuminated Longer Than Other Letters

If you examine the “X” in “Fox” of Bryan Singer’s X-Men movies, you’ll notice that it stays illuminated just a touch longer than other letters. By the way, which one among the X-Men movies is your favorite? Our favorite is Logan (it made us cry).

26. The Sinking Time of Titanic

Although the story of Jack and Rose isn’t based on reality, the creator did provides it with a more realistic touch. At the top of Titanic,  we will see that the clock says 2:20.  actually, the Titanic sank at 2:20 AM  also.

27. Pennywise In  one of The Town’s Murals

The remake of Stephen King’s “It”  is sort of scary. It gave us genuine scares and nightmares. In one of the scenes,  we will see that Pennywise’s The Clown is one of the town’s murals.

28. No Thanks Message

At the top of the credits of the film Scream, Wes Craven left a message for The Santa Rosa City administrative district  Governing Board. It is because the governing board revoked a verbal agreement for the movie to be filmed in Santa Rosa High School shortly before they started to film.

29. Wait What? Convertible Waitresses?

We know Cars is a pretty crazy film, but this is often not what any of us expected.

Wait for What? Convertible Waitresses?

In  one of the scenes,  we will  see the truck stop advertises “Convertible Waitresses.”

30. Little Shaking Details In Captain America:  war 

Iron Man’s armor is lighter than military and that’s why War Machine makes the camera shake more when he lands. Can you also hear the “thud” when the War Machine lands? Well, you gotta go see a doctor.

31. Same Shirt  in several  Parts

Did any of you ever notice that Sid from Toy Story is really the garbage man in Toy Story 3?

Maybe the director ran short of money and could not buy different clothes for each character.

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