Mom Asked Her Daughter As She Stood On Heart-Shaped Paper And She Said, “I’m Sending Love To The World.”

Shannon Kishel’s daughter was standing on a piece of heart-print paper in their home’s hallway when Kishel asked her what she was up to. Kishel’s daughter replied, “I’m sending love to the world.”

“I wanted to share this moment that happened in our house because it brought me a sense of peace tonight,” Shannon wrote in a post online. Her daughter was standing on a piece of paper with many little hearts on it, and she had her hands placed over her sweetheart.

Mom Asked Her Daughter As She Stood On Heart-Shaped Paper And She Said, "I'm Sending Love To The World."

She told her mom that she wanted to send love and peace to everyone in the world to “Make them nice.” Her mom asked what she was doing, and she said that she was standing on a heart-printed piece of paper and that by sending love and peace, she could make people and monsters “Nice.”

After seeing how much pain and suffering people are going through, this little girl’s response was to send out her loving energy. She wanted to help people, regardless of what they believed in. Many people online were impressed by her generous act and her wonderful, pure heart. Some of the comments are listed below:

“Just felt her love and peace in Lehigh Valley, Pa. sending her love and peace back ❤️,” wrote Nicole V.

“I wrote a poem a while ago about how we need to watch and listen to the children because they are coming with hearts and souls more open. What a great little girl❤️” wrote Roxann C.

“Oh, my heart ?! What a treasure ??” commented Verena V.

“Thank you for sharing. This just squeezed my heart and filled me with all the warm fuzzies. What a precious little cutie. ?” wrote Noelle A.

“Definitely an old soul showing up at a very good time! The earth will need her??” wrote Marcia L.

“?Tell her that the love she sent out reached New Jersey, and I am so grateful that I passed it along?” wrote Hilary B.

“And a little child shall lead them…she has a wise and caring heart! ?❤️❤️? Profound message for us all!” wrote Zada T.

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