$145 million lottery winner gives more than half of her winnings to charity

There is no doubt that winning a huge lottery jackpot would completely change our lives.

The majority of the time, when someone wins the lottery, they are thinking about themselves and how much better their lives would be if they had this money. For this charitable UK woman, however, it’s all about helping others.

$145 million lottery winner gives more than half of her winnings to charity

Frances Connolly, 55, of Northern Ireland won the EuroMillions back in 2019. The ex-social worker and teacher who won the lotto received a staggering £115 million, or over $145 million!

She first gave her blessings to her friends and family before spending money on opulent items for herself.

In the event that she wins the lotto prize, she intends to use the money to help others. And she did it just that way. Her extended family and close friends weren’t, however, her primary beneficiaries.

Connolly established two philanthropic institutions with the money she won. One was given to Kathleen Graham as a tribute to her late mother.

The current location of this foundation is Northern Ireland. The PFC Trust is the other foundation she founded. This person helps the elderly, refugees, and local carers in her community.

Connolly has a history of volunteering in the community. Connolly learnt how to administer first aid while volunteering with the St. John Ambulance as a young person.

She also participated in and assisted in running an AIDS helpline in Belfast. She believes she has given away more than half of the money she has won this time, though. It was necessary to keep her husband in the dark as well.

She stated in a BBC interview, “If I had any advice for a winner… Money, in my opinion, gives you the freedom to be whoever you want to be.

And when asked if she was pleased to distribute so much cash, she simply responded, “Why wouldn’t you? It is what I have always done.

lottery winner gives her winnings to charity

She continues to be involved in their community, particularly with the elderly, caretakers, refugees, and unemployed.

She also provided the elderly people tablets so they could always be in contact with their families.

She admits that she has an addiction to helping people. She doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.

She offered Ukrainian refugees £5,000 so they could purchase clothing and toiletries. She also claimed that she would have been a millionaire if she had kept all of the money she had donated.

She dislikes the idea of living in luxury. They continue to lead regular lives. She reasoned that it would be preferable to use the funds to aid others. Why wouldn’t you just do good deeds for people who deserve it, she said.

To have that much money and not utilize it for good in the world is absurd in my opinion. In fact, she oversees charities while Mr. Connolly continues to operate their plastics company.

Naturally, they didn’t forget about themselves.

A house

The couple fulfilled a lifelong desire by purchasing a six-bedroom home in County Durham with seven acres of land.

With the money they won, that was by far their largest investment. Also, Mr. Connolly is operating a pre-owned Aston Martin.

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