Lizzo rocked Rammstein’s “Du Hast” in Germany wearing a neon yellow bodysuit

Lizzo sets the stage on fire during her tour in Berlin, Germany. While showing off her semi-body suit, she riled up the audience with her hit songs and cover of the famous ‘du hast’. 

She wore matching boots with her new yellow body suit and fired up the stage. She made acknowledgment of the famous German artist Rammstein in her concert and sang the song ‘du hast’.

She twerked on ‘du hast’ foot stomps and also shared a post that reads “Ich liebe dich berlin” after the concert.

She outperformed the stage with her dancers and rocked a number of hit songs in her music “The Birthday Girl”, “The Sign”, to “About Damn Time”.

Her tour is expected to continue until the middle of March in Europe, London, and Paris. She is coming back to the States of North America, to Knoxville Tennessee around 21 April. 

Moreover, she posted a recording of her concert on Instagram and got praised by her fans for paying honor to Rammstein. 

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