Flight Attendant Responds Well To Angry Passenger’s Request To Change Seat On An Airplane

Flight attendants are put in difficult situations every day. They frequently have to deal with rude or impatient individuals. This week, a story is going viral about a flight attendant who made a move that some passengers felt was necessary after seeing a customer insult his elderly seatmate.

A 50-something Muslim man refused to take his assigned seat as soon as he boarded a crowded flight. The man was angry when he noticed an older white woman reading her Bible seated next to him. Enraged and disgusted, the Muslim man called the flight attendant and said, “I cannot sit here next to this person who is not of my faith.”

Flight Attendant Responds Well To Angry Passenger's Request To Change Seat On An Airplane

She replied that she would try to find another seat. There were no open seats in economy, she said, after consulting with the flight attendant. Instead, she would ask the captain if any first-class seats were available.

Ten minutes later, the flight attendant returned and said that the captain had confirmed there were no more seats available in economy class. However, there was one seat in first class. 

According to the flight attendant, it is against company policy to move a passenger from economy to first class. She said, however, that the captain had agreed to make an exception in this case because forcing someone to sit next to an unpleasant person would be scandalous.

The Muslim man was about to respond to the flight attendant when she said to the elderly woman, “Ma’am if you would please gather your belongings, we would like to move you to first class. The captain doesn’t want you to have to sit next to someone unpleasant.”


As the rest of the passengers praised the flight attendant, the Muslim passenger was surprised. Some even applauded her while standing! Do you think she did what was right? Share this tale with your loved ones and let us know in the comments what you think.

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