You Do Not Own Racing, Daytona Speedway Break Links With Nascar

The Daytona International Speedway’s owner has a message for the NASCAR traitors: Racing is not your own.

Even though NASCAR responded to the Black Lives Matter movement, racing fans are not required to do the same. This year’s Daytona 500 will be an unofficial race, free of NASCAR sponsors or logos, and adorned with several confederate flags.

Daytona Speedway Ties Links With Nascar

According to Art Tubolls, spokesman for Daytona International, this year’s race will be spectacular and political correctness will not be tolerated:

We expect the NASCAR-standard rules and regulations to be completely absent from the 500, making it a true spectacle. We are requesting that everyone with ties to the South and the great pastime of driving in circles go full General Lee with their paint jobs.

Drivers won’t have to have slogans they disagree with on their cars. To demonstrate that it is about heritage rather than hatred, we want the rebel flags to fly brilliantly. If the black people don’t like it, they do not have to come.

The ability for anyone to come down and try to qualify will be the other benefit. My little brother has been itching to get out on a track in his 1965 Cude with a 426 Hemi.

Although he lacks experience, it will be ensured that there is plenty of fire and EMT crews added to clean up the wrecks.

You Do Not Own Racing, Daytona Speedway Break Links With Nascar

In response, Joe Barron, a spokesman for NASCAR, threatened legal action:

The issue is that NASCAR might not actually own racing. Nonetheless, we do control most raceways, including Daytona.

They must be unaware of the $2 billion we invested in adding it to our roster in February.

So. Your little scheme is sweet, but you turds will need to leave our land and take your lost flags with you.

Even while it might seem like they are winning, this is still not over. There are several campgrounds in the vicinity of these tracks, and we patriots fully expect to drape the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, Molon Labe, and NASCAR, over our vehicles and trailers!

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