A convicted pedophile was found dead in his cell awaiting sentence

Two men, Andre Hadwin (39) and Cheryl Pickles (35) were found guilting of allegedly torturing and raping children. Andre Hadwin was found guilty of three counts of rape, seven counts of neglect, and one count of perverting the course of justice in January. While Cheryl Pickles was found guilty of five counts of child cruelty and one of perverting the course of justice.

A convicted pedophile was found dead in his cell awaiting sentence

In 2018, Police authorities found a message in their inbox that children are being abused by a couple when an abused child talked about the torture with an adult. “They don’t want you to see this. Big Tech does its best to limit what news you see. Make sure you see our stories daily.”

On investigation, MEAWW reported, “Detectives discovered that the couple frequently mistreated their children by forcing them to eat soap, locking them in cabinets, forcing them to take boiling hot showers and baths, and denying them access to food throughout the course of a four-year investigation involving over 150 witnesses. The children often scavenged for crumbs and were once discovered wandering alone to a store at 4 a.m. in search of food. They were occasionally forced into the lake as punishment.

The Teesside Crown Court heard during their trial that ” children were often hurt” and “one youngster was left with life-limiting injuries.”

According to reports, another kid was tortured by being hanged over a motorway.

convicted pedophile was found dead in his cell awaiting sentence

When both men were asked about these accusations, they falsified letters from the abused children to apologize saying the allegations weren’t right. 

Later on, a handwriting expert took a closer look at the letters and exposed that they were written by the criminals themselves. 

Both convicted pedophiles were arrested in a U.K crime prison cell, waiting for the sentence of their crimes scheduled on 28 April. 

According to the U.K. Ministry of Justice. Andrew Hadwin was found dead in his prison on Thursday at HM Prison Durham. The reason for the pedophile’s death wasn’t immediately known. But a prison spokesperson said that “All deaths in custody will be investigated by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman.”

According to Detective Constable Kat Pudney of Durham Constabulary’s Safeguarding Unit in reference to the alleged child abuse, “This was an extraordinarily difficult and upsetting investigation, the likes of which I have never faced throughout my time as a police officer.” Many vulnerable children were subjected to many sorts of abuse by Hadwin and Pickles, spoiling their childhood and leaving them with psychological wounds from which they may never fully heal.

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