Brazilian Hulk Bodybuilder Who Injected Oil Into Muscles Dies At 55

According to the sources, a Brazilian bodybuilder and TikTok content maker who amassed over a million fans because of his preoccupation with injecting oil into his veins, d!ed on his 55th birthday.

Brazilian Hulk Bodybuilder

Valdir Segato used to regularly administer dangerous Synthol injections to himself to bulk up his biceps, pecs, and back muscles, placing himself at risk for infections and strokes.

Segato has previously admitted in interviews that popular fictional figures like the Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger had an influence on him.

He had been warned that if he continued to use the injections, he might need to have his leg amputated. Despite the risk to his health and appearance, he persevered in trying to look like the Hulk.

Brazilian Hulk Bodybuilder Who Injected Oil Into Muscles Dies At 55

His biceps reached a height of 23 inches after he started using the injections. In fact, he was pleased to be known as “the m0nster” on the streets.

Under the username “Valdir Synthol,” he uploaded pictures of his drastic body transformation on Instagram.

Despite having nearly 2 million followers on TikTok, local media said that he did not have many friends or spend much time with people.

Brazilian Hulk Bodybuilder Who Injected Oil Into Muscles

According to Moisés da Conceiço da Silva, who spoke to the Brazilian newspaper Globo, he had rented a house that was behind his family’s house, and on the day of his death, he experienced breathing difficulties.

Da Silva told the source that he persistently tapped on his mother’s window in the early hours of the morning, and when she finally woke up, he urgently pleaded for assistance because he could feel himself perishing.

The bodybuilder was taken to a hospital in a hurry, but when he arrived at the lobby, he collapsed and seemed to have a heart attack.

Bodybuilder Who Injected Oil Into Muscles

Long before becoming a muscular social media star, Segato was only a scrawny youngster. He was offered Synthol in the gym, and that is when his life began to change drastically.

Synthetics can cause “a harm of neurons, oil embolic of the pulmonary, occlusion of the pulmonary artery, myocardial infarction, cerebral stroke, and infectious difficulties,” according to Europe PubMed Central. It frequently contains oil, benzyl alcohol, and lidocaine.

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