‘Heartless’ Teacher Mocked Student Day by Day, Boy Had Enough and Secretly Recorded Every Insult

A high school student decides to take her down in the most unbelievable manner after she repeatedly insults him in class, and it’s SAVAGE.

Boy Secretly Recorded Teacher Every Insult

A terrible instructor is the single biggest factor in making high school a miserable experience. The majority of us had that one class we were afraid to enter because we knew they would be there. And this erstwhile pupil is no different.

Johnny Provolone, a Reddit user, endured his math teacher’s relentless criticism for almost half of the school year. But one day he made the decision to stop, and 15 years later he told his incredible tale on Reddit’s “ProRevenge” subreddit.

When everything began, the Original Poster (OP) was 18 years old. The high school graduate asserted that he had never been the “brightest” pupil.

OP nevertheless never received a suspension and had a perfect academic record. He nonetheless encountered that teacher’s sarcastic attitude towards him, especially when he made an effort to ask questions about the classes.

Boy Secretly Recorded Teacher Every Insult

He preferred to refer to his teacher as “Mrs. Frank,” and he had no clue why she treated him differently. Among the managers, Mrs. Frank was regarded as the golden child. So many smirks and grumpy expressions supporting her would have to be overcome in order to talk her down.

One of his worst subjects, algebra, was difficult for OP to comprehend. He claimed that even the most basic queries, which appeared to have clear answers to some, were “rocket science” to him.

The true issue arose whenever OP interrupted Mrs. Frank to ask questions about the lesson. To his shock, the instructor continued to make fun of him in front of the class.

Once more, the slow kid is here. She would mock OP. Mrs. Frank frequently uttered phrases like, “Really? Today, we have to move more slowly for you, don’t we?

The boy maintained his composure, but Mrs. Frank did eventually have her bad days, just as every horror tale has a twisty climax.

OP eventually decided that she had said enough and left for the staff restroom. However, the administrators typically drop the issue after making a general observation about Mrs. Frank’s classroom conduct.

When the administrators weren’t looking, she would sometimes get away with acting her best around the kids and then revert to her usual sarcastic mode.

He observed the staff members’ wide eyes as the recordings were played.

After dealing with a terrible instructor for about half of the school year, OP made the decision to take matters into his own hands. He went to his neighbourhood RadioShack, a well-known electronics retailer, and purchased a recorder.

The following day, OP only concentrated on one mission in Mrs. Frank’s class: secretly recording her insults. In order to make up for missed time and attack her when the opportunity presented itself, he would even provoke her. For the remainder of the year, this continued.

When OP was a student in Mrs. Frank’s class one day, he once more stopped her to ask a question about the course material.

Mrs. Frank boasted, “I’ve been teaching here for more than ten years, and that was the single stupidest question I’ve ever heard emanate from anyone’s mouth,” and remained silent.

OP’s reaction destroyed his senses, and in a matter of seconds, he casually stood up, gathered his belongings, and stormed over to the nurse’s office.

As he was 18, he planned to withdraw himself from school, which was permitted. He assembled all the recorded cassettes into what he called “one glorious masterpiece” after returning home.

The following day, OP returned to the school to present the officials. The principal required more witnesses be present after he played a few recordings to him.

The next day, Mrs. Frank was present in the principal’s office along with the vice-principal, board members, and even a local police officer. When OP was summoned to the office, he had never felt more anxious in his entire existence.

The next few minutes were among the most dramatic of the student’s existence. He observed the staff members’ wide eyes as the recordings were played. Then there was Mrs. Frank, who, upon discovering she had nailed her coffin, went from being confident to being speechless.

'Heartless' Teacher Mocked Student Day by Day, Boy Had Enough and Secretly Recorded Every Insult

When OP saw how his rude instructor humiliated herself in front of the most important educators in the district, he felt a surge of pride.

The principal informed OP that he had heard everything that needed to be heard and requested that he exit the room. Mrs. Frank had not yet suffered the worst setback of her professional life, though.

It was the last time OP had ever seen her with her tearful eyes before she left the room. He showed off his sly grin at her because he had given her more than she had anticipated.

About 15 years after the incident, he recounted it online. Several people responded to his tale with amazing comments, and some were interested in learning what happened to Mrs. Frank after that.

“That was lovely…

Was she well-received in the school, an inquisitive user inquired. And do you know what happened to her?” the individual continued.

'Heartless' Teacher Mocked Student Day by Day

Certainly, it was widely known that enrolling in her class would be a mistake, OP recalled, adding:

“This happened near the conclusion of my senior year, so I was only a student at the school for a little over a month more. I haven’t heard anything since, and this was over 15 years ago, before all this social media nonsense.

While this was going on, some people questioned whether OP went back to class the following day to continue studying algebra.

Unexpectedly, when he went back to school the following day, Mrs. Frank was nowhere to be found. She was let go, and the professional stain prevented her from obtaining any other teaching positions in the county.

She was left with no money, lost the majority of her contacts in the education industry, and disappeared without a trace.

I don’t still have the recordings, the OP replied when asked about them. In case she filed a claim for wrongful termination, it was in the administration’s best interest to retain them.

Yes, I studied algebra in my final year.

I had guidance throughout my entire time in school, he added.

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