He’s Been In Foster Care For Most Of His Life. At 13, All Time Wants Is A Chance To Be Someone’s Son

Growing up in a loving household with your parents is something that many of us take for granted. Many people have no clue what it’s like to have your parents as your primary carers.

A 13-year-old Texas boy was not as fortunate as the majority of individuals. Tim was raised in the foster care system and is now a teenager with an extremely moving ambition.

Boy in Foster Care looking for family to adopt him
Boy in Foster Care looking for a family to adopt him
He's Been In Foster Care For Most Of His Life. At 13, All Time Wants Is A Chance To Be Someone's Son

Nothing would please Tim more than to be referred to as someone’s kid. Tim desires an adoptive family.

Tim entered the foster care system when he was three years old. Since no one has ever accepted him, he has spent more than ten years in foster care.

The adolescent recently made an appearance on a neighborhood news program and stated his desire to find a caring family to join.

His caseworker had to fly him from another region of the state to the television show because his desire to find a family is so strong. An Excellent Child Who Won’t Be a Problem

Tim currently resides in a residential care facility for foster kids. He has spent many different times in foster families over the years.

Sadly, he has never managed to locate a permanent residence that he could name home. He explained that because he is a very well-behaved boy, he won’t create any problems for any family that adopts him.

“I am a saint at home. Perfect.”

Several images of Tim, when he was younger, were displayed throughout the performance.

He appeared three years old in one of the images. He’d only recently entered the foster care system.

His bright blue eyes stick out in a different picture of him from when he was seven years old. The child allegedly still had big blue eyes, but they were a little more drowsy, according to the newsreader.

According to the reporter, Tim was tired of changing residences in the hopes that one day a family would provide him with constancy, stability, and affection.

Tim acknowledged that these difficulties kept him from getting enough slumber at night. He continued by saying that he had the impression of being in an unwalled jail.

The child claimed that although there were runners in the foster care system, they were forced to return to their original situations.

The Ideal Household Tim claims that all he desires is to live with a loving family and have a place to call home. He doesn’t want to be part of a family that will eventually determine he is no longer necessary.

Tim wants to grow up in a household that accepts him as a member of the family. He doesn’t want to be raised in a house that will only care for him until he is an adult.

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