Amber Heard Reportedly Offered $10M To Star In Adult Movie

Zen Models, an acclaimed adult entertainment production studio, has allegedly presented Amber Heard a staggering $10 million proposal to star in one of their X-rated films.

The unbelievable news has been reported by Popcorned Planet, and though it may seem inconceivable, the evidence suggests that it is indeed true.

In their report, female-owned adult entertainment company Zen Models has graciously presented Ms. Heard with a worthwhile monetary offer to star in one of their forthcoming films.

In a letter to Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, Zen Models’ President Veronica Madjarian divulged this information.

Ms. Heard was offered an exorbitant salary to be featured in a risqué adult movie, and this is what she stated in her letter to her attorney:

Dear Ms. Bredehoft,

As President of Zen Models Management Inc., I, Veronica Madjarian have been liaising with an array of adu|t film production companies who are eager to extend a contract offer to Ms. Heard for the purpose of performing in an adu|t entertainment video production.On behalf of our organization, we are pleased to offer Ms. Heard an exciting opportunity to star in a top-notch adult entertainment production for the sum of $8 million dollars. An additional amount totaling $1 million would be gifted from us in her name directly to the Children’s Hospital and ACLU organizations if she accepts this arrangement. All specifics concerning terms, location and other particulars will be discussed upon contact via email listed above. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Please inform me if Ms. Heard would be open to this amazing opportunity.

Very Truly yours,

Veronica Madjarian is a force of nature, whose passion and creativity have helped her to achieve success in many areas. From international business development to philanthropy, Veronica has proven time and again that she can handle any challenge put before her.

Is Amber Heard Wise to Consider This Opportunity?

Thus, Zen Models is providing Amber Heard with a staggering $8 million to take the leading part in their movie. If she accepts the offer, an additional $1 million will be donated to Children’s Hospital and ACLU.

Frankly, this does not seem to make sense to me.

What is the purpose of sending this letter to Ms. Heard’s lawyer instead of her management team or agent?

It’s possible that the same letter was sent to those individuals, yet mailing it directly to her attorney is peculiar.

Will Amber Heard accept the offer? It’s certainly worth considering if it is sincere!

Yet, I question whether this could merely be an advertising ploy by Zen Models.

After scouring the internet for information on this agency, I was unable to locate any details.

Unfortunately, the web address indicated at the beginning of this letter does not appear to be functioning and is inactive.

With the generous amount of money they offered Ms. Heard, one would expect a greater presence from them on the web.

How should we interpret this news?

Have you heard about the offer for Amber Heard to star in an X-rated adult movie, and is it really genuine? Furthermore, if this opportunity is indeed true would Amber be willing to accept it?

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