Al Roker Needs The Prayers

If you regularly watch NBC’s The Today Show, you might have noticed that one of the hosts has been missing recently. The answer to where Al Roker had gone for the last few weeks was finally revealed this morning.

The Today Show hosted Roker’s final appearance on Friday, November 4, 2022. The next Monday, he was absent, and he hasn’t been seen since. Both the show and Roker failed to address his whereabouts or the reasons for his absence.

Al Roker Needs The Prayers

Roker’s Instagram followers realized he was still posting even when he wasn’t on air. For instance, on November 5th and November 11th, he both shared images of the moon.

He posted once more on the 14th, one day after releasing a video of Dylan Dreyer and him discussing climate change.

Roker doesn’t explain his absence from The Today Show in these Instagram images, but concerned followers ask him about it in the comments. Alright, everyone’s worried about you, someone said. Hoping to hear from you again next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

One more said, “Missed you. What have you been doing?

What’s going on Al? a follower questioned. You weren’t feeling well, according to Hoda.

“Where are you Al? ” begged a devoted follower. Please inform us. Pleases!!!”

Fans of Roker who have been wondering about his whereabouts now have an answer today.

He disclosed that he has been taking a two-week sabbatical from The Today Show. He shared a photo of flowers and a coffee mug with the words “NBC News Weather” on Instagram.

Al Roker Needs The Prayers In His Difficult Time

“Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg that sent some clots into my lungs,” Roker stated in the description.

I am extremely lucky to be receiving excellent medical care and to be making progress toward recovery after some medical whack-a-mole. “For all the well wishes and prayers,” Roker then thanked his supporters.

Shortly after Roker posted about his illness on Instagram, the Today Show hosts brought it up live on air.

They all sent their best wishes to him and revealed that they had kept in touch with him while he was away.

Roker, according to Savannah Guthrie, is “in good spirits.” “We’ve all talked to him,” she added.

Dreyer provided an illustration to demonstrate his success. “Not that you need us to tell you how amazing Al is, the first time I contacted him, he said, ‘Hello Dilly-Dill!'” she remarked. What about the boys? That is typical of Al.

We need him back, Carson Daly said. Every day I am motivated by him.

I don’t know if he sees this show, but we adore you, Al,” Guthrie added. You are missed!

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