Millennials Are Calling Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Super Offensive

Let’s be genuine; countless movies and TV shows from our childhood would not be acceptable today. Many vintage films and programs contain racists, sexist, as well as homophobic themes that would cause a huge stir now. 

Millennials Are Calling Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Super Offensive

One of the most recent to come under fire is Jim Carrey’s ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.’ Millennials are pointing out the 1994 hit for its transphobic scenes, body shaming moments, and more!

Jim Carrey’s career sky-rocketed after his incredible performance in the 1994 hit movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. 

This film was an instant success and is widely known as Jim Carerry’s breakthrough moment – however, it has since been deemed transphobic and homophobic.

It’s becoming increasingly clear how inappropriate much of the content is in this movie. Now that it has been restored on Netflix, millennials are re-watching it from an adult perspective  with a more discerning eye to its offensive material. 

Regrettably, they have realised that a beloved childhood movie of theirs is filled with homophobic and transphobic undertones. The most memorable scene in the film which brings this point home is

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Super Offensive

If you haven’t seen the movie and intend to, consider this a warning – we will divulge the film’s biggest reveal. 

The scene which has caused the most fuss is at its climax! Therefore if spoilers worry you, take heed of this spoiler alert .there won’t be any surprises left when it comes time for your viewing.

Detective Einhorn (Sean Young), the villain all along, is revealed to be Ray Finkle in disguise at the film’s end. 

Pet Detective Super Offensive

The entire time she had fooled Ace into believing that she was a woman and even engaged in some intimate activities with him. 

When he finds out, his horrified reaction reflects on those around him – stripping her down to her underwear before announcing who she really is  Detective Einhorn or Ray Finkle as a man! This sends shockwaves through everyone present, and they react just like Ace did with extreme disbelief.

Ace Ventura Pet Detective Super Offensive

Identifying the Problematic Issues

This scene is brimming with wrongdoings, and it isn’t easy to know where to start. It contains slut-shaming and objectification of Sean Young’s body, but the more significant issues are its gross transphobia and homophobia.

In the early 1990s, this movie highlighted how discussions of LGBTQ+ acceptance had started to progress  yet Hollywood was far behind in representation. 

Characters were often reduced to mere caricatures and jokes, with being gay, lesbian, or transgender portrayed as a comedic element that should be avoided at all costs. This film highlighted these issues and promoted an important conversation about queer visibility and inclusion in mainstream media today.

Pet Detective

Joe Rogan has been left lamenting his decision to show his kids the ‘classic’ movie, regretting it ever since.

When Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was released, it caused an uproar due to its highly offensive stance. 

Protests swept through cities in response, while others wrote an open letter to the LA Times directly calling out why such a movie should never be seen again even now!

 As kids, we may not have been educated enough to realise the magnitude of the film’s transphobic and homophobic messages. Yet, people still spoke out against this repulsive display.

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