68-year-old Women Shocked The Judges By Her Performance

She is a rock singer from Britain. She inspired “Heartbreaker,” a Pat Beater blockbuster song. She is well-known for her bluesy rock voice, which can be heard on songs like “Slay Me Like a Woman” by Buk and “Ladykiller”.

Darren has so far put out eleven albums in addition to appearing on numerous other tracks and albums. She is one of the rare female vocalists in classic rock.

The Second City Sound song “The Dream of Olwen,” which debuted in the top 50 songs of 1969 at number 43, featured Darren.

When the 68-year-old Jenny Darren came on Britain’s Got Talent in 2018, the judges were in for a big shock.

Darren returned to her roots and rocked the panel, presenters, and audience members with AC/Highway DC’s To Hell instead of performing a ballad.

68-year-old Women Shocked The Judges By Her Performance

The globe was allowed to see her triumphant return to the rock scene thanks to a video that was made and has received over 13 million views online.

On Britain’s Got Talent, the experienced singer initially entered the stage dressed like your typical grandma and wearing a cardigan that was buttoned up. She changed into a black leather rocker outfit and startled everyone by unbuttoning her cardigan.

The audience, including the judges Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, and Simon Cowell, was dead silent as she began her performance. A pin might have easily fallen anywhere in the room.

The crowd was obviously hoping for something more subdued as she started belting out the iconic AC/DC song Highway to Hell in typical rocker fashion. The vocalist ended her performance and was greeted with cheers from the audience.

68 year old women performance shocked judges

Jenny Darren loved to sing and has been a fan of Jimmy Page and other musical greats since she was just 12 years old. According to The Radio Times, she has recorded four of her own albums, four of which include Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrian.

At one point in her life, she even sang backup vocals for AC/DC. After retiring, the Birmingham resident decided it was time to get back to what had previously given her such delight.

While Darren was in her mid-20s and a resident of Manchester, she got married.

In the late 1970s, she got divorced and relocated to London to further her career. She cohabitated and worked with a keyboardist for an English prog rock band named Robert Webb towards the tail end of the DJM years.

Once her 1980 album was written and published, they continued to collaborate on songs on and off for a while. Darren lived in Essex while she was a college professor a long time later.

In 1968, Darren and Second City Sound released their debut album under the name Jenny Phillips on the Columbia label. City Lights, her debut solo album, appeared on the DJM label in 1977.

The Jenny Darren album of the same name, released in late 1977, came right after this. The song “Heartbreaker” was featured on her third album Queen of Fools, which was published in 1978. Jenny Darren, the fourth and final DJM album she recorded, was released in 1980.

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