11-year-old Boy Stabbed To Death In Bed By His Mother Tells Cops Mom Killed Him

After being brutally stabbed in his bed, Bruce Johnson revealed the identity of his killer hours before he passed away. The 11-year-old had many stab wounds, and his father, Bruce Sr., is said to have done everything in his power to save his life. After hearing his son scream at their Hobbs, New Mexico, home, Bruce Sr. reportedly dialed 911.

For Bruce Sr., the discovery of his 49-year-old wife Mary Johnson with stabbing wounds to her chest in another room was even more stunning.

Mr. Johnson claimed to have been dozing off when he heard his son scream. He discovered his son in his chamber, suffering from stab wounds, laying on the bed. When he saw Mary was also stabbed, he went to contact 911, but she was unconscious in another room. Mary had chest injuries after stabbing herself, according to the LEA County Sheriff’s Office.

Bruce Jr. had regrettably been hacked by his mother.

According to the sheriff’s office, Bruce Jr. was alert when he arrived at the hospital and told the investigator that his mother, Mary, had stabbed him. Bruce Jr. died at 4:19 A.M. after succumbing to his injuries. It was said that Bruce Sr. had relocated from Oklahoma to Hobbs because Mary Johnson, whom he planned to divorce, had allegedly abused him.

Accordingly, it is said that Mary Johnson had been pleading with Bruce Sr. to let her see their son for the past 40 days.

As soon as she was permitted to meet their SON, she killed him. Police claim that while allegations of abuse were not made in New Mexico, they were in Oklahoma.Mary Johnson, who is still in the hospital getting better, is now being charged with first-degree murder. Investigations revealed that she suffers from a mental disorder and had previously been involved in two incidents of child abuse against her son.

This occurs after Mary Johnson posted a strange video in early June with the caption: “Get your God degree to become a God! All you have to do is share love, respect for others, and self-belief.



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