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Don’t Just you feel that my love is different? Our story is different, your love story can’t better than mine?

Everybody Feels it once or many times in life. We hope that you and your loved one keep loving each other for the rest of your life and use imagediamond to Get Love photos πŸ™‚

Most of the Images Quotes are Hindi but it does not mean all. Some are in English and some in Hinglish.

No Matter Either you are a boy or Girl these pictures will express your Romantic Feeling.

Let Us know which Image Describe Your Love

Most of these images are in Hindi. All pictures have contained a photo and a written quote. I hope you will like the kiss image.

background is fully dark. boy and girl's face very close to each other. blue light comes on both's face. hindi love quote is written down on the picture

hame hjaro se pyar kerne ki khyash nahi bulki hum tu hzar treke se tumhe hi pyar kerna chahate hain

green trees are blur. boy hug to to girl and kiss on cheeks. boy wear white coat pent and also girl is in white dress. hindi love quotes written down on the photo.

Mein aur tum wo pyar hi kiya jo teri han aur nah per nirbhar ho mera pyar tu teri na ke baad bhi kiym rahega

background is in red and black colour. quote is written on full screen. quote is about benefits of kiss.

In a Kiss: 0.7 gm protein
0.45 Gm Fat
0.19 Gm Chemical
0.50 variety of bacteria will die
So catch your lover start kissing and live healthy

boy and girl arestanding on soil. boy hide red rosefrom girl. he wear orange hoodie and brown pent with black shoes. gril is standing fornt of him.she wear red coat and lite brown frock with brown shoes. background is in orange colour. hindi and english love quotes are written in middlle.

Humko sirf tumse pyar hai
I love you

white wall is in background. boy and girl standing very close to each other. their body is touching each other. boy wear lite orange t-shirt and girl wear black jacket and red t-shirt. boy have a decent beard. english love quote written down on photo.

In my life
You are my camera because I smile every time I look at you

boy and girl are sitting near the ocean and look the water. boy wear white t-shirt and green pent. also girl wear white and green dress. hindi love quote up on the image.

Kush mjburia hai verna khan raha . jata tere bina

moon is going down and hills are blur in background. boy and girl are sitting on the big stone. boy wear black shirt and gray pent. girl is in gray colour dress. red roses are in yelow colour plastic. girl is kissing on boy's hand.

white wall is in background. boy is kissing on girls hand. half picture is in white colour. where english love quote is written.

Bohot lucky hoti hai wo girls Jinka bf unhe apni wife kehta hai

boy and Girl are standing each other. both are looking face each other. boy wear white shirt and and gray pent. girl wear colour full punjabi suit. also girl have boks in her hands. english love quote written white part down on photo.

I ma not the best, but I promise I will love you
with all my heart

trees are fully blur in background. boy pick girl in his hands. both are laughing. girl wear white shirt and black pent. boy wear gray colour shirt and cream colour pent.  english love quote is wirtten right down side on photo.

I am so lucky to have you in my life.

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wall is dark and white in background. boy have hand of girl in his hand. girl paint her nails with blue colur. she have golden bracelet in her hand. romatic quote is wirtten on up in the image.

tumhe bhul jaana mere bas ki baat nahi

boy and girl is standing in garden. boy touching her cheeks with his hand and looking in her eyes. boy wear blue coat pent and girl is in white dress. green trees are blur in background. love lines wirtten in hindi down side on picture.

mujhe nahi khabar ki tumhari zindagi mein woh kaun sa pal hai? jo sirf mere liye ho par meri zindagi ka har ek pal sirf tumhare liye hai.

girl is sitting back side the boy and looking on front. boy is also looking on font. boy wear white t-shirt. love quote wirtten down side on image.

lakh tumhe chahne wale honge lekin tumhe mehsoos sirf maine kiya hai…

boy is lay down on sofa and girl is sitting on boy. background is dark and dark cupborad shows in background. girl wear black top and jeans's short. boy wear black t-shirt and black shorts. romatic quote wirtten on down side the pic.

tere gusse par bhi pyar aata hai hame. koi to hai zindagi mai jo itna haq se dhankata hai mujhe..!!

3 gifts are on wood and red heart is hanging with rope. background is blur. 3 love words are written on red heart.

i love you is written on red heart

background is in cream colour. quote and emoji are on it. first emoji os shy, second is love and thrid is yaami.

khayal rakha karo apna. ek he cartoon hai mere pass.

girl is sitting and boy is lay down. boy's head is on girls leg. girl is looking the face of boy and he is also looking on her. boy wear black t-shirtand girl is in cream colour dress.

I feel comfortable with you only my love.

red rose and green leaves are blur in background. girl is kissing boy on his head. boy is in gray colour coat and girl is in white color dress.

bs tera hi sath chahiye

tress are blur in background. red rose is in hand of girl. sad quote is on right down side of photo.

oye teri yaad aa rahi hai.

boy hold girls hand and both hold hand of each other. boy wear black coat and girl wear white dress.  love quote wirtten in dark area.

tum ho to mein hoon.

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background is blur. boy hold her hand with his hand's finger. both have rings in their finger. girl also have a bracelet in her hand which is blur.

boy and girl hold finger of each other. also they have ring in their finger.

boy is kissing to girl on her head. both are cartoon. they sitting on bed. boy wear white shirt and girl wear sky blue t-shirt. girl have lite brown hairs. romatic lines wirtten down with love emojies.

Suno Jaan kitna achha lagega jab hum mummy papa banege

moon and stars are in background. boy and girl are sitting on terrace. boy have guitar in his hand and he is sing a love song for her. girl have candle is her hand.

Jis Raat me tera sath Hoga
us Raat sab kuch mere pas Hoga

girl is hugging boy very tightly. boy wear blue check shirt. girl wear gray colour t-shirt. romatic lines wirtten in white area with pink heart.

Yes, I am selfish because I will never share you with anyone else

boy hold girl face in his hands. both are try to kiss each other. boy wear sky blue shirt and girl wear pink punjabi suit. both close their eyes. romatic lines wirrten on boy's back. background is dark.

Wo Mujhe accha ya bura nahi lagta, wo muje bs mera lgta hai

boy hold girl's cheek with his hands. girl is looks like sad. boy wear white shirt and gray colour jacket. girl wear black top. lots of colours are blur in back ground.

Ek to tu mera eklauta pyar upper se tere nakhare 1000

boy is very close to girl. girl is standing with wall. both's body each other. boy wear white shirt and girl wear blue coat. boy is looking to girl and girl is looking right side. love lines are wirtten in white area.

Ye jo kehte ho naki khush rahi karo
Tu sun lo humesha mere pass rahi karo

girl's face is blur in smoke and girl's hairs are coming on her face. lines are written with colour.

First love is important But, Last love is very very important because first love change nature..And, Last love changes life.. So Care your Love

boy pick girl is his hands. girl hold his face in her hands. both are loking each other. girl wear white and black top and boy wear black shirt. wall is blur in background.

hazar problems hai meri life mein, aur un sabka solution bas tum ho

These are the Last Images Because we focus on Quality rather than Quantity

love quote images

You re My Happiness.

girl is standing with wall and boy is standing front of her. both are looking each other. girl wear pink colour top and boy wear shirt in lite pink colour. quote is written in white colour.

Kitna Pyar karte Hai tumse ye Kehna nahi aata, bas itna jante hai ki bina tumhare rehna nahi aata.

love quotes images illustration

Main Hoon to Gareeb par sabse, Mehnga wala pyar karta Hoon.

lady penda hug man penda from backside and show love. lady penda is white and man penda is brown. background is white and love lines are written up on both of them.

I love you so much paglu.

boy hug his girlfriend from backside. both looks each other. girl wear gray t-shirt and black jacket. love lines are written down on photo.

Iff Ktina maza aata hai joab wo . kehti hai ab pitoge mujhse.

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