Is Snaptube Safe To Install in 2024?

Snaptube is very popular among Android users although it isn’t available in the play store.

When you try to download the snap tube through the Chrome browser it shows you a warning that this app isn’t safe.

That’s where I start researching about the Snaptube it is really dangerous for me or not?

However, before quickly answering this question, I would like to tell you what is Snaptube exactly.

Imagediamond has its own audience that isn’t aware of Snaptube.

What is Snaptube exactly?

Snaptube is an Android app that lets you download videos from almost any website. Either you want to save youtube videos into the gallery, Facebook, or any other random site.

It is a Chinese app.

Snaptube does work. Not only this, but this app also provides you with short videos that you can download and share as statuses on WhatsApp or stories on Insta.

This app is 100% free. However, if you want to increase the downloading speed & a few other features are available for premium members only.

99% of users don’t care about this premium membership. They use Snaptube without any warning.

Why It isn’t available in the play store

In the initial days, Snaptube was available in the play store.

There are several reasons why Snaptube isn’t available in the play store. Android is a Google product.

Youtube is also a Google product. Google doesn’t want people to download videos from youtube. That’s how they get maximum user attention.

However, Snaptube violates youtube policy. This is one of the reasons why Snaptube isn’t available in the play store.

However, there are several other factors that are responsible for removing Snaptube I from the play store.

Snaptube also doesn’t follow play store policies. It violates users’ data.

Is it safe to download or install

The simple and shortest answer is NO. This app isn’t safe to use. Snaptube is downloaded over 40 million times.

However, still, the company wasn’t making good money.

So Snaptube did some transactions. Basically, they automatically click on the ad, take some actions and even in some cases they use user payment information to complete the transactions.

These things were hidden from the user. It also provides user data to other companies. Snaptube records your activities with the app to know user behavior.

They sell this data to other companies for money.

The best alternative to Snaptube is using websites to download videos from other sites.

Snaptube is already exposed. There are big media outlets that publish news that Snaptube isn’t safe. Here is the screenshot of Hindustan Times.

There are many sites such as that can help you to download videos from any site.


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