Best Funny Whatsapp Group Names For Friends

We use WhatsApp to a lot in our daily life. We use it to talk with friends, family, and other people. Every time we unlock our phone we almost open our WhatsApp to see a new message.

Mostly we chat with friends and family members in WhatsApp groups. And we want to set a perfect group name of the WhatsApp group. But it hard to select a perfect name for the group because Everyone wants a cool and different name for their group.

So, if want to think to make a new group or recently created a new group for your friends or family. And your finding funny and cool WhatsApp group name then this article will definitely help you in this case.

How To Make New WhatsApp Group?

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Click on three dots up-right side
  3. Select a new group
  4. Now select those contacts that you want to add.
  5. Now click on the green arrow button
  6. Select picture for group profile 
  7. Add the interesting name of your group

Other setting you need to set 

  1. You can add a description of the WhatsApp group 
  2. You can make anybody admin by clicking on his contact 
  3. You can adjust who can message in the group from a group setting 
  4. You can copy the link of the group from the group profile
  5. You can remove anybody by click on his contact

Tips and tricks to make the best WhatsApp group names


Make a simple and clean name of your WhatsApp group name. That can all your group’s members can understand what is WhatsApp group about.

Related to group activity  

Your WhatsApp group name must represent what it is about. On the other hand, IF you want this for just to talk then you should make it funny.


You can make it funny with emojis or with other things like numbers or symbols. That will make it a cool and funny group name. 

Shot forms 

You need to use WhatsApp language. Because it a WhatsApp group, not a school work. SO use shorts forms.

Note: Make sure your name is under 25 characters Because WhatsApp allows Ony 25 characters in WhatsApp group name.

Funny groups name 

  1. ChatHub
  2. 24*7 Online
  3. Backbenchers
  4. 3 musketeers
  5. Only 33% wale
  6. Fukrey
  7. Busy persons 
  8. Educated Member only 
  9. Kya bolti public 
  10. Kung Fu pandas
  11. Main greeb hu
  12. Innocent people 
  13. Idiots are here
  14. Sonam Gupta bewafa hai
  15. Gangs of ( your city name)

Funny groups name for boys 

  1. 18+ videos only 
  2. Still single in 2020
  3. Fight club 
  4. Monsters
  5. Noob players
  6. Admin is missing
  7. No abuses
  8. If you’re bad then…
  9. Admin is on sale
  10. 50 50 group 

Funny groups name for girls

  1. Single girls 
  2. Charlie’s angels 
  3. Girls power 
  4. Keep Quiet
  5. Cute Girls 
  6. Tik Tok girls 
  7. Sisters
  8. Girls beauty with brain 
  9. The queens 
  10. Pink lovers 

If your IPL lover then you can make a fan group for your team lovers. You just need to select your favorite team name and write at the last fan Club. 

Example: Kings XI Punjab’s Fan Club

Moreover, If your any singer, actor, club, movie, cars, brand fan then you can also use your favorite male or thing as your WhatsApp group name. 

I hope you have select a perfect name for your WhatsApp group and I hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any type of question-related to this article then you can ask us in the comment section.

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