How To Change Name In Free Fire (Free) In 2021

Free Fire game

Free fire is a very popular mobile game all over the world. It is a battleground game. In this game, players play multiplayer with the unknown players. In one game 50 players play with each other and one player who alive at the last won the game.

In this game, players can take their name free for the first time. But when they want to change their name again. Then they need to spend diamonds or money on this Furthermore if any player makes a mistake to choose his name and save with his mistake. After that, he has to spend diamonds or money to reenter his name.

How To Change Your Name In Free Fire?

Step 1. Open free fire game in your smartphone and enter into your profile, which is the upper left corner of the main screen.

Step 2. You can see here the yellow ‘notebook’ icon below the in-game name at the upper left corner. 

Step 3. Click on the ‘notebook’ & A pop up will appear on the screen. Enter your new nickname.

Step 4. After this step, it will ask for the required diamonds to complete the action.

How To Change Name without Diamonds?

There is no way to hack Free Fire and get free diamonds. So Don’t waste your time watching youtube videos.

If you really want to get diamonds then you need to purchase them from the game or you can earn from the game.

If you want to earn diamonds free. Then you need to read the next paragraph very carefully. In the next paragraph, you will learn how you can earn free diamonds from the game.

How To Earn Diamonds In A Short Time Period?

If you want to earn diamonds in the free fire. Focus on the daily, weekly, and monthly events because you can earn diamonds from these events. On the other hand, you can see other missions and challenges which can give you free diamonds in the free fire. If you have money for this then you can use the money to get diamonds and buy anything you want.

Final Words 

In my opinion, you don’t need to change your name and cool types of characters. Just focus on your game & improve your gaming skills. Other players will remember your name when you kill them in the game. As well as, characters & guns can make your gameplay better. Please leave a comment if you agree with me.

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