Anand Ahuja Wiki, Age, Ex-Wife, Income, Biography etc.

If you know Sonam Kapoor then definitely you are familiar with the name Anand Ahuja. He is the husband of famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor.

By Profession, He is an entrepreneur. His business is related to fashion who runs fashion label Bhaane. In simple words, they have there owned Showroom in Delhi. But He is famous as Sonam Kapoor’s husband rather than Sonam Kapoor’s husband because we Indians are more interested in Bollywood rather than a business.

His age is 36 years old basically he is 2 years old older than Sonam Kapoor (34 years).

Here you will find all the necessary information like his biography, photos, Net worth, First wife, salary, etc. Keep Reading.

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Anand Ahuja Biography/wiki

Anand Born on 30 July 1985 in New Delhi. His father Sunil Ahuja is also a businessman and his mother Beena Ahuja is a homemaker. He belongs to the Hindu religion and Punjabi Hindu Khatri family.

anand family

Basically her whole family is doing business. Her grandfather Harish Ahuja is one there time India’s biggest export house known as shahi exports.

If you are from Delhi then maybe your heard of his Clothing brand Bhaane. A Few years ago he also started a sneaker brand store VegnonVeg. It is India’s first Multi brand Sneaker Store.

In her family, there are two younger brothers Anant and Amit. Both are also businessmen.

Physical Appearance

Being a sports Guy he maintained his body good enough. His height is 5’9” and weight is 70Kg (Off curse weight keep changing).

His hair color is black. No Doubt due to age you will find some white hair. His eye color is brown. It proves that You don’t need to six-pack abs to marry your dream girl.


Anand completes the schooling from American Embassy School, New Delhi. For the higher study, Anand moves to united states. He completes a B.Sc in Economics and international relations from the Wharton School of University in Pennsylvania, USA. He completes post-graduation  (MBA) from the University of Pennsylvania, USA but he did not complete it.

Then he came back to India and start a business here. First, he works in his family business Shahi exports Ltd then start his own brand Bhaane.

His net worth is nearby 100 Crore.

Love Story With Sonam Kapoor

According to some sources, they met the first time in 2014. Pernia Qureshi introduces Anand to Sonam. After few weeks Anand purposes her. A few months later she accepted his purpose.

But the public start knowing there relationship in 2016. Although there are a lot of pics of both on Instagram. Like anand attend Sonam cousin marriage.

They married in May 2018.


Both Change the name: You know according to Indian rituals Girl surname is changed after the marriage. After marriage, Sonam’s full name is Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. Anand Ahuja changes his name to Anand k Ahuja.

There is no Wife: A lot of people search over the internet about Anand Ahuja’s first wife. Ex-wife. There is no ex-wife.

Fan of Basketball: Anand is a very big fan of basketball. You will find his Instagram half post is with basketball pics.

Lovers of Shows: He also loves collecting different kinds of shows. That’s why he starting VegnonVeg.

Very Close to Kapoor family: Not only Kapoor family he is very also to Kapoor family. You will find him attending Sonam cousin marriage before marrying to Sonam. Once the Kapoor family went to London. Anand is also with them.

Traveling: he loves traveling. His a lot of photos are inside Europe or the USA.

Obsessed with Nike: From Shows, he loves the Nike brand.  There is no reason behind it. This is his personal preference.

An internship product manager at amazon: He completed his post-graduation from the united states. For an internship, we work as Product Manager at

Los Angeles laker: It is a basketball team which he supports. He is also a fan of Michael Jordan.

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