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How to Resize Image to 100 KB Online ?

Resizing an image becomes super easy with the use of advanced techniques. Follow the given steps to use Imagediamond’s resizing tool:


Head to our tool and upload the image that you want to resize. You can also drag & drop the image by clicking the drag & drop button.


After uploading the image to our tool, click “Resize Image to 100 KB” to start the resizing process instantly.


It’s time to save the resized image on your device. So click the download button to save it, which will take a few seconds to download.

Top Advanced Features of Image Resizer

ImageDimond’s image resizer tool has numerous advanced features that people can utilize. Following are a few of them listed.

Safe & Secure

Works Anywhere

Our Resize Image to 100 KB is a web browser that can easily be accessible to everyone. You can use our picture resizer tool anytime and anywhere on any device with a strong internet connection.

Free and Fast

Fast & Free

It is a free image resizer that works at lightning-fast speed. It will reduce the size of your uploaded image in just a few seconds without paying any money.

Perfect Quality

Privacy Guaranteed

We know the importance of our user’s privacy and try our best to keep our user’s data safe. The uploaded files will be automatically deleted from our server, as we never store them.

Unlimited Conversions

Straightforward Interface

It has a straightforward interface that makes it accessible to everyone, whether young or old. It can instantly resize your image with just a few clicks.

Is Resize Image To 100Kb Online Safe To Use ?

Imagediamond’s image resizer to 100kb tool tries its best to ensure 100% safety of the user’s uploaded images. We know how much our users are concerned about their privacy, and we respect it. We use advanced techniques and never store the uploaded images on our Picture resizer. We will never share our user's data with any third party without their permission. Feel safe and secure because no one can see the pictures you upload to our photo resizer.

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Why Do People Need to Resize Images to 100 KB?

Users can reduce the size of their images by resizing them without losing any content. Sometimes, people need to resize images to 100KB when meeting specific requirements of a platform. They also had to resize their image to upload to an email or other document. Other than these reasons, there is one main reason why people need to resize image to 100kb. The reason is to optimize web page load. Yes, the smaller the size of your website images, the quicker your web page loads. So, these are the main reasons everybody needs to resize the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there any registration fee required to use the services of this image resizer?

No, you don’t need to spend a single penny to use the services of our imagediamond image resizer tool. It is completely free to use and never asks for registration or the creation of an account to use its services.

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Can I use this image resizing tool on my iPhone?

Of course, you can use our web browser tool on your iPhone. It works anytime, anywhere, with just a reliable internet connection. You can use this online image resizer in the browser of your iPhone without any restriction.

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How many images can I resize image to 100Kb using this photo resizer tool?

You can resize as many images as you want with our photo resizer. We never restrict our users to the number of images they can resize. So, feel free to use it as often as you want.

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Will reducing the size of an image also affect the image’s quality?

Our Photo resizer tool uses advanced technology that will not compromise image quality while reducing size. You will get a clean and clear image even after resizing its size to 100kb using Imagediamond’s Photo resizer tool.

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How can I use this photo resizer tool to resize image to 100KB?

This Picture resizer tool has a straightforward interface, so using it is quite easy. You have to just upload the image you want to resize to 100KB, click the resize image to 100KB button, and then click the download button to save the image on your device.