Compress Jpeg & Png Image To 200kb, 100kb, 50kb (2020 Update)


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How to use it

  • First Decide Either you Want to Reduce Image Size Automatic or Under specific size like 100 Kb, 200kb or 50kb. By Default it is by Automatic. But you can Change With Single Click By Clicking on Fixed Buttons tab
  • Click on Upload Files or Drag & Drop your Photo Files
  • Wait for Uploading and Compression. When compression is complete then you will see Download and Settings Buttons. Download Button compressed photo By Taking care of Photo. If you want to Compress More then Click on Settings and Adjust compression scale according to you
  • In the case if you chose Fixed size then you will see Buttons 50kb, 100kb, 200kb. You can use them according to your needs
  • You can access your All photos Under 24 hours in My Files

About Us

Image diamond is Image compression website. You can compress jpeg, Png images. Using this website you can compress images to any size (100 kb, 50 kb etc) or You can Reduce Size using Slider. You can use multiple images at once. Contact us to Share your valuable feedback


Compress Any type of Image

Reduce Size by Buttons (50kb, 100kb, 200kb) Or By Slider

Compress Multiple Pictures

Images are saved for 24 Hours in My Files

How Does it work

When user upload a image. Then upload Function is called to check whether image is valid then and type of image jpeg or Png. Then it stores pic in temp Folder and then new function is called where checked how user want to compress photos. Is it by compression by quality or size If it is by Quality then Check the scale level or If it is by size then check the size. Depending upon selection specific function is performed. After that Cookies is set to store file for 24 hours. All this Happen under 5 seconds

What Our Visitors Says


Rahul Gupta

ImageDiamond is One of the Best Tool to Compress photos size Without Reducing Quality. Highly Recomanded to Bloggers



A great tool if you want to compress your images and reduce their sizes. I really liked the feature that all the photos that you compress will be available for 24 hours without even registering. I highly recommend using it. 🙂.


Gurushobit Brar

When I want to compress images I always Use ImageDiamond Due to it's Easy to Use navigation and Store Files for 24 hours Without Regisration

Who Should use it?

  1. Who want to Compress Image Without Affecting Quality
  2. Bloggers and Website Onwners Because Big size of Image can slow down your Website Speed
  3. While Applying For Govt. Job user Need to Upload image under a specific size you can use imageDiamond Fixed Size Feature.
  4. Who want to compress jpeg but keep quality
  5. Want to compress jpeg for email online
  6. Want to compress jpeg to desired size


Is it Free?
It will be Free forever
Is Anybody Viewing My Files?
No, It is Only you
What if My photo is Not deleted after 24 hours?
Sometimes Error in Programming But if you worry about Photo then you can contact us