Create high-quality animated GIFs out of your videos from your web browser. Try our video to GIF converter and create animated GIFs with a few clicks.

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How to Convert Video to GIF with Our Tool?

The procedure of extracting GIFs from a video is a no-uphill task using our tool. By following the simple steps shared below, you can easily convert your video to GIF effortlessly.


Click on the "Upload" button to fetch the video you want to convert into GIF format.


Now, trim the video to select the GIF's duration using the advanced trimming option.


Select the dimensions and frame rate of the GIF as per your requirements.


Hit the "Convert" button to start the video to GIF conversion process.


Download the converted GIF by clicking on the given button.

Benefits of Using Our Online Video to GIF Converter

With our video to GIF converter, you can easily convert your video into animated GIF and spread it across social media platforms. No technical skill is required to extract GIFs from a video anymore.

Convert Video to GIF
without Any Hustle

Our online Video to GIF Converter makes transforming video to GIF a simply executable task for everyone. Now, you don't require to go through any complex process or follow any intricate procedure to create GIFs from video content. A few taps are enough to convert video to GIF using our tool. The assistance of our online facility enables you to turn your favorite moments into captivating GIFs.

Premium Quality GIFs

The quality of the GIF is guaranteed with our online tool. Our video to GIF utility is based on highly advanced algorithms that retain the visual integrity of your video while transforming it into a GIF. The converted GIF will have the same vibrant colors, sharp images, and smooth animations as it appears in the video. Sharing quality GIFs will definitely help you engage a maximum audience and increase your social media following.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

The web-based video to GIF converter offered by us doesn't require you to acquire any particular device to extract GIFs from a video. You can access our MP4 to GIF tool from any device with internet connectivity. This free tool supports all devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones and gives you an opportunity to create GIFs on the go. Moreover, this online video to GIF converter is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. So, you don't need to make any installation for converting video to animated GIFs.

Create GIFs like a Pro

Our free video to GIF utility has a super-friendly interface that allows you to generate GIFs from any video efficiently. No more complicated process to follow, or hire a professional to get animated GIFs for social media posts. Try our free web-based video to GIF converter and generate countless GIFs without facing any hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Convert Any Video Format Into A GIF Using Your Converter?

Our online video to GIF converter supports multiple video formats, including MP4, MPEG4, FLV and many more. You can upload videos in any of these formats and extract GIFs from them easily.

Is Your Video To GIF Converter Accessible On All Operating Systems?

Yes! This video to GIF tool supports all operating systems, such as Windows, Android, IOS and Mac. You can access it on any operating system and create GIFs without observing any hurdles.

Is There Any Limit On The Number Of Gifs I Can Create Using This Tool?

Not at All! Our online video to GIF tool doesn't restrict its users from accessing it. You can create unlimited GIFs using our free tool at any time of your choice without facing any obstacles.

Can I Use This Video To GIF Converter For Free?

Absolutely! Our online video to GIF converter is a free to use tool. You can use it to create animated GIFs from your videos without paying a single penny. Moreover, it also doesn't require you to go through any sign-up for converting videos to GIFs at all.