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Extract textual information from any scanned document or digital image with perfect precision. Our online image to text converter allows you to convert any image into editable text instantly.

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How to Convert Image to Text with Our Online Tool?

The procedure of converting image to text is immensely easy and straightforward. Follow the simple steps shared below to extract text from any picture.

Step 1

Upload the image on this picture to the text converter by pressing the Upload button.

Step 2

Click on the Convert to Text button to start the process.

Step 3

This will initiate the image to text conversion procedure straightaway.

Step 4

Download the converted text file by clicking on the Download button.

How Does Our Image to Text Converter Work?

Our online image to text tool is a top-notch utility that enables you to analyze any picture or scanned image and identify any text written or typed on it. This web-based tool uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract textual content from any image. Once you upload an image on this utility, it starts preprocessing the text data stored in it. The advanced algorithms working at the backend of this image-to-text tool make sure that all important features of the image are specified to easily recognize characters. Then, this utility converts the image to text by identifying all kinds of characters it contains, such as symbols, letters, and numbers. The tool post-processes the image data to ensure no information is skipped during the text extraction. After examining the image data, it provides users with accurate and 100% reliable results. This online image to text converter also allows users to retrieve text information from any scanned image instantly.

Unique Features of Picture to Text Converter

The most important and unique features of this free image to text converter are mentioned below.

Easy Accessibility

Our online picture to text converter is accessible from all devices, including laptops, smartphones, and personal computers. This web-based OCR tool supports all operating systems and web browsers. So, you don’t need to install any special web browser or OS to convert images into text with our tool.

Instant Output

This tool is backed with highly advanced algorithms that are capable of providing its users with instant text extraction results. Once you upload the image, our tool scans it, analyzes its important features, and extracts any text found in it. The entire process is performed within a fraction of seconds, and you will get your desired output instantaneously.

No Signup is Required

Unlike most online image to text converters, this web-based utility doesn’t ask you to share your personal information for accessing it. You don’t need to create an account to convert images to text using our online tool. Moreover, the picture to text converter will never demand you to install any application to enjoy its free services.

Support Multiple Image File Formats

Our online image to text converter also gives you an opportunity to upload images of different formats and extract text from them easily. The image file format supported by our free photo to text converter includes JPG, JPEG, PNG, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Image To Text Converter Easy To Use?

Yes! Our picture to text converter has a super-friendly interface that allows you to extract textual content from images easily. Simply follow the instructions shared above to convert image to text effortlessly.

Is There Any Limit On The Number Of Image Files That Can Be Converted?

No! Our online image to text converter doesn’t impose any limitations on converting images to text. You can convert unlimited images to text files using our tool without facing any obstacles

What Types Of Images Can Be Converted Using This Tool?

Our free Image to Text Converter can extract text from various types of images, including scanned images, photographs, screenshots, and handwritten notes quickly.

Will This Image To Text Tool Store My Personal Images?

No! All the images you upload on this image to text utility will be erased from our servers once you get the desired output. We never save or share your uploaded images for any possible reason.