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Shrink size of images and make them easy to store and share. No technical skill is required to reduce size of your pictures with our image compressor.

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How to Compress Images Using Our Online Utility?

The process of reducing the size of images is extremely easy and unambiguous. You only need to follow the simple and easy steps discussed below to shrink images using our online tool.


Land on this web-based image compressor.


Upload the image you want to shrink by clicking on the Upload button.


After uploading the file, press the Compress Image button to initiate the picture compression process.


This advanced facility will start working on your input and provide you with a compressed picture instantly.


Fetch the shrink image on your device by clicking on the Download button.

How Does Our Image Compressor Work?

The advanced tool offered on this platform uses highly advanced image compression algorithms to rewrite the entered image file in a way that takes up less storage space. This top-notch utility incorporates AI that ensures you get the best quality output within no time. Once you enter the images on this web-based photo compressor, the backend algorithms scan your picture and start processing to shrink its size.

The best thing is that the quality of the picture remains undisturbed during the entire process, and you will get the same quality as the original image in the compressed file. This entire process doesn’t need any technical knowledge or requires any prior experience. Also, you don’t require any professional assistance to reduce image size. Simply connect your device to the internet to access this image compressor, and you are all ready to shrink your desired photos to share them easily through online platforms.

Image Compressor Work

Key Features of Image Compressor Tool

The internet undeniably has numerous utilities that may support you in shrinking your photos. But, the majority of these web-based tools mostly have some limitations that make them less valuable for users. However, our Photo compressor is free of all such restrictions and offers the quickest and most reliable results. The most prominent features of our picture compressor are shared below.

Free to Use

Free to Use

Our advanced online picture compressor doesn’t ask for any premium membership from its users. You can reduce size of images without paying a single penny using this free picture size reducer tool. Moreover, this image compression tool doesn’t have any trial period. So you can access it and compress your desired images without observing any obstacles.

Multi-platform Support

Multi-platform Support

The free Picture compressor supports all platforms, including Windows, Android, IOS, and Mac. Similarly, you can use this picture size reducer from any device, such as a personal computer, smartphone, and laptop. This utility also works exquisitely on all web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Bing. So, you don’t have to install any specific operating system, web browser or acquire any particular device for compressing your images using our photo compressor 200 kb tool.

Super Quality Output

Super Quality Output

With this image size reducer, you can shrink your photos without affecting their quality. The advanced backend algorithms ensure your image file remains undamaged during the compression. There will be no loss of data or any blur or missing portion in the reduced size picture. Hence, you can compress images using this tool without getting worried about the quality of compressed photos.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Maintaining the privacy of your confidential information is our responsibility. We strive hard to ensure the protection of your uploaded images from any unauthorized access. The highly advanced backend algorithms are capable of controlling any intrusion and protecting your images from being stolen. Furthermore, all the photos you upload on our image compressor will be removed from our servers once you get the results. We also guarantee you that your personal images will never be shared or disclosed to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Compress Images on Mac?

Yes! Our online picture size reducer works exquisitely on all devices, including smartphones, laptops, and personal computers. You can compress images from any of these devices without facing any intricacies.

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Will Shrinking Images Affect the Quality or Resolution of the Original Files?

Not at all! The quality or resolution of your original image will not be affected during image compression.

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Do I need to Make an Account for Using This Tool?

No! Our photo compressor doesn’t ask for any signup from its users. You can reduce the size of your pictures without sharing any personal information like your name and email address.

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How Many Images can I Compress with this utility?

You can compress as many images as you desire with our free online picture compressor tool. There will be no limit from our side on the usage of this picture-size reducer.

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Which Image Formats Are Supported by Your Image Compressor?

Our web-based photo compressor supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, and many other image file formats.