Woman attempts to grab hold of a blind man but doesn’t aware that she is being recorded

There are nice people in the world, and Indianapolis resident Casey Spelman, 26, is the best example.

Casey saw a blind man who was having problems hailing a cab while at Wrigley Field for a Cubs vs. Cardinals baseball game. She stopped to assist a stranger in need since it seemed natural for her to do so.

Woman hold blind man but doesn’t know being recorded

A woman’s short gesture of goodwill would have been lost right away if it weren’t for Ryan Hamilton. Ryan was watching what was going on from a rooftop bar not far away. He captured everything on video and posted it to Facebook, where it quickly gained popularity.

Once her deed of charity became well-known, Casey admitted in an interview, “I didn’t really think much of it at the time. After a Cubs game, the area was still rather busy. It’s going to take him a while, I thought.

The blind man was later revealed to be Chicago-based assistant US attorney Yusef Dale.

See the lovely moment and discover more about Casey’s deed of compassion in the video below below.

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