How to set WhatsApp Profile picture (DP) without cropping 2020

Whatsapp is the best messaging app.  It is used over 109 countries and it has 70 million users, which is insane. There is no need of introduction because you know better than me. Here in this article, I will show how can you Set WhatsApp DP picture without cropping.

Over the internet, you will find many ways, but here I will list only the best one. No matter either you are an Android or iPhone user. It works for both devices.

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To Set Photo Without Cropping, you need to make it square because whatsapp supports only square photos.  On the Google play store, there are many apps available that will turn your photo into a square within one second. I have tested many apps found that No Crop for Whatsapp is the Best app in the play store.

Here are steps

    1. On android smartphone Install No Crop for Whatsapp, as shown in the screenshot.install no crop for whatsapp
    2. When the installation is complete, it open it.
    3. This app requires permission to access your photos. Allow it, as shown in the screenshot.allow permission
    4. Then click on the Gallery Icon as shown in the screenshot. It may show you some options like Gallery, File Manager. It is up to you, but I will go with the image from gallery
    5. It will open the gallery to select the Photos that you want to set as Whatsapp dp. It may show you loading depending upon Phone specifications. After that, It will show you something like this.

      set whatsapp dp without cropping
      Use two fingers to zoom in or zoom out or rotate the picture as shown in the screenshot.
    6. When your editing is done, tap on Next from the top Bar.
    7. In the next activity, you can write text, add effects & Stickers when all Done Chose Done from the top. text, effect, stickers


It will save the image in the sd card in No Crop Folder.

Don’t like No Crop App check Other Apps

If you don’t like No crop for any reason, then these alternative options to No crop. You can use them.

 Whatscrop: The Best thing about this app is that you Have no Need to open the gallery. After doing your selecting image, it will directly open whatsapp dp Editor with that image. You need to click on Done.

Here are steps how to use this app

  1. From the above link (whatsCrop) download & install in your smartphone. After Installing open it. You will see something like this.whatscrop main activity
  2. Click on Photo Icon and chose the select photo. You can take an instant photo from the camera. But I will select the picture from the gallery.
  3. There are some Editing options if you want to edit.. If you think your image is small, then Click on crop icon and select Fit to the square.editing
  4. When you Done Click on the last icon from the Left side (After pencil), I have highlighted in the screenshot.whatsapp dp
  5. It will open the Whatsapp Profile Photo section. Like on Done.whatsapp dp

WhatsCrop also saves photos in the gallery. if you want to use for any other purpose
visit website 

This is a website where you can resize your images. People who don’t like to install any app consider using

  1. Open it from the above link and click on select images to upload your Photo. It will open your Files. Select your desired image. You can also select more than one photo.
  2. When uploading is done Click on the settings icon. 1. untick aspect ratio 2. Type the same number in Width and height. I have typed 192 when you Editing is done Click on the Resize Images Button.iloveimg
  3. Click on the Downloaded resized IMAGES button. It will download, as you can see in the screenshot.

Other Alternative Options

SquareDroidThis is a top-rated app, but the bad news is that play store removes. I don’t know why they remove this app. I don’t know any reason for that

Anyway, you can download it from here. After download, You can set any picture too. Using this, you can also resize the image for Instagram. But for whatsapp, chose Square Profile Photo.

No Crop for WhatsApp:  there are many apps with the same name. This is an alternative. I have ranked apps depending on downloads and ratings.

No Crop for WhatsApp DpAnother awesome that resizes an image without cropping. Like the above app, it is free and makes money from ads.


So You have learned how to set Whatsapp Dp without cropping But if you are still confused, then Don’t Worry. Our Team will help you Free. You need to leave your Comment and correct email it. Maybe we can contact you.

Also, if you have any suggestions or any other Query again, let us know by the comment section.

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