What Happened To GaRoms?

A few years ago, I started the website garoms.com. It was a gaming ROMs & emulators site from where you can download GBA, SNES, etc ROMs & emulators to play these retro games on modern devices such as android, windows computers, etc.

However, I shut down this project after 1 year. When I shut down this website I was getting more than 4 thousand page views per day.

I started both imagediamond & garoms together. In the initial days, I thought garoms will be more successful than imagediamond but you never know the future.

Here are the main reason why I didn’t continue the garoms website and let it expire.

  1. Less income: Although Garoms was getting traffic from tier one countries still was not enough to pay bills. Moreover, google ban my first Adsense account. I got approved on the second one but still, it wasn’t enough.
    There isn’t a lot of money in the roming niche. That’s why all other sites offer popup and other annoying ads.
  2. Requires Automation: The biggest mistake I could make in this niche is manually posting articles. Any download niche needs a programmer who can automate the process. I don’t why I made this silly mistake. I could hire a developer to automate things before closing. However, at that time, I spend so much money it wasn’t worth to continue.
  3. It was Expensive: These types of sites require special hosting. No company allows hosting copyrighted material on their shared hosting. So I thought why not host on Mediafire or Google drive. Both companies banned our account. Eventually, we move on to the server that was expensive in front of garoms income.
  4. So many sites: There are tons of sites publishing retro games. That’s why there is tuff completion in google.

Thus finally I close the garoms project. Still, you can find garoms in the list of safe ROMs sites. Only 1% of bloggers write actual content. All others, just rewrite what is already available on the internet.

I don’t own garoms.com now anymore, I let it expire.

I thought publishing this article because still there are plenty of people searching for garoms. You can share your thought through comment section.

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