How To Watch NFL Sunday Ticket 2024 Season For Free

People love to watch their favourite sport on OTT, NFL(National Football League) is one of them. But, it is only available on the NFL Sunday Ticket & DirecTv platform

If you are an NFL fan and want to watch NFL live for free. This article is only for you because this article covers every single possible method to watch NFL Sunday Ticket for free with the proof. 

Let’s grab the basic information about the NFL Sunday Ticket,

What is The NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is an online streaming platform that broadcasts out-of-market games on their platform. It carries the National Football league regular-season games that are unavailable on other platforms. Also, it provides all regional Sunday afternoon games produced by Fox and CBS.

NFL Sunday Ticket Pros & Cons


  • compatible with all devices
  • Only ways to watch out-of-market games
  • Excellent playback and caption customization option
  • Reliable streaming performance


  • Expensive
  • No prime-time, in-market, or postseason NFL coverage
  • Unable to cancel the subscription once the season begins

NFL Sunday Ticket Pricing 

NFL SUNDAY TICKET-$293.94 (6 payments of $48.993)

NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX-$395.94 (6 payments of $65.99)

I know this pricing is too expensive for NFL Sunday Ticket. This is the main reason we are here to help you. How would it be if you can get this NFL Sunday Ticket for just 14.99$/month and 49.99$/6 months?

How To Get The NFL Sunday Ticket For Free?

Method 1:Using is an online platform that offers premium accounts at very affordable prices like DirectTV, Netflix, DisneyHotStar, and many more. 

I know, I said that NFL Sunday Ticket for free, But believe me, it is one the best way to NFL Sunday Ticket live matches. Also, it gives access to watch live matches on the NFL Sunday Ticket original platform. 

But how can you trust this? First of all, I’m using this platform since last year, and I’ve purchased a couple of accounts from 

I hope this information is enough for you to buy an account from Still, I will show the step-by-step process to grab an account from with proof, that’s account works perfectly. 

Step-by-step process to grab an account from

  • Visit
  • Click on the Register button (Left side of the screen)
Register to
  • Fill in the details & Create an account on
Create an account on
  • After that, click on the explore and Scroll down to the sport category
Explore products
  • Find the NFL Sunday Icon & Click on it
Find NFL Sunday Ticket Icon
  • Choose your plan and click on the purchase button
Choose plan

(Choose the 6 months plan besides the monthly plan because it will come your couple of dollars)

  • Choose the payment method and click on the continue to payment button
Choose payment method
  • Tick the credit card option and click on the checkout button
Choose the credit card option
  • Now, Click on the pay with credit card button
Pay with a Credit card
  • Enter email & card details, and pay the required amount
Enter cards details and pay the amount
  • After placing the order, you will see a page 
Payment successful
  • Click on the menu and visit the subscriptions
  • Click on Get Account 
Get an account
  • Now, click on the generate account button
Generate username & password
  • After that, copy your username and password
Copy username & password
  • Visit the NFL Sunday Ticket Official website(DirecTv website) and enter the password
login to DirecTV
  • Now, you will page like this, Download the app on your device
here is your plan
  • And, Enjoy the National Football League


Here are the two screenshots of the AccountBot & NFL Sunday Ticket account. Both have the same email. So, that means the username & password is working.

AccountBot NFL Sunday Ticket Proof

With DirecTV Platform

If you haven’t used the DirecTv platform, or you have a DirecTV subscription then you can enjoy the NFL Sunday Ticket on the DirecTV platform. Here is the screenshot that shows NFL Sunday Ticket is available on DirecTV.

DirecTv offers NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV is an online streaming platform that contains over 250 channels in a single subscription. But, the Price of DirecTV is also expensive like the NFL Sunday Ticket platform. 

But, DirecTV is also available on at a very affordable price. provides DirecTV platform at 7.99$/month and 24.99$/year. Check here to grab DirecTV from

NFL Sunday Ticket Free Trial

NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t have a free trial, But you can watch the NFL Sunday Ticket for free with the DirecTV 7-days free trial. 

I know these are not enough days to watch NFL sports. Still, you can watch one or two live matches with this free trial. 

NOTE: Please read the policy of the DirecTV platform, before jumping into DirecTV free trial.

DirecTv privacy & policy of free trial cancellation

To grab DirecTV free trial, you have to visit the DirecTV website>>choose any plan>>click on the start free trial>>pay the amount. After that, you can enjoy your DirecTV free trial.

Don’t forget to cancel their free trial before it expires. Because DirecTV didn’t back your money after the free trial.

NFL Sunday Ticket username & passwords

[email protected]CMrnM3BQrN2c
[email protected]eeQOChn27WSG
[email protected]Ka79TGcjb9Yd
[email protected]74wCkjxZ2LV7
[email protected]tQtJjZqoiS6w
[email protected]0cwyMUsxm64i
[email protected]FC4CtIGbARs9
[email protected]&tPF79!a&79K
[email protected]9s7Ap2U9yzvAt6p
[email protected]5W,R%PMYM6T
[email protected]PKUHGX8LOXF
[email protected]&Eti3pS2Q?ev
[email protected]_swVu}bW,-J
[email protected]GDCv&oVqYZ68
[email protected])U]=-;Z(77R
[email protected]POJJOJ4VK3O
[email protected]j2s45dFQIet
[email protected]M](kn=z#1k&
[email protected]J7Y@&C&IBR]
[email protected]YmVCE5Wiuzv
[email protected]5UUY67J3QQ1
[email protected]3′)DP!’)58O
[email protected]PL2U8G5YROG
[email protected]c722p1UjF93
[email protected]LFw]ht,Raow
[email protected]S71AWDNCHBV
[email protected]&==X{Z;4O;
[email protected]frQCYkfXkDC
[email protected]BcluaEaawBz
[email protected]XZ1M580GNTR
[email protected]cwmE46OI9xn
[email protected]YO$TX.(N6_^
[email protected]wu7QUCATsrX
[email protected]fqQSXnIGneF
[email protected]BXczpQcsxWe
[email protected]0444FR93WFH
[email protected]{WojfVEzg6A
[email protected]seom8OG75O0
[email protected]HLzRYwSJTcJ
[email protected]oizLqYdKsGk
[email protected]I7TU^5C’!^[
[email protected]NMAAALX9MEX
[email protected]ikBzxWtvxdb
[email protected]V3ienBdjMeK
[email protected]0Kf!l&&T]9b
[email protected]TeIedKMcEWR
[email protected]03YXWOP2PX5
[email protected]zUHAZzRHTny
[email protected]WhEwLgWtFiT
[email protected]rYhMxVmsjdZ
[email protected]OLFYJM2R1XG
[email protected]vf{)0Y=FarB
[email protected]5N8QRQ8I51K
[email protected]8,XX^QE,K7$
[email protected]92hTbFyqJSM
[email protected]kJPnre]d&[$
[email protected]+;$CNZYY)KL
NFL Sunday Ticket Username & Passwords

Our Recommendation

Personally, If I was in your place. I will definitely go for the method. The reason, AccountBot is cheap, and other methods are not a perfect way to watch National Football League. Or I will purchase DirecTV from, Which has NFL Sunday Ticket 2022 season.


NFL( National Football league) is a fantastic out-of-market game. It is very famous around people. Most people buy NFL Sunday Ticket just for this, and the remaining ones find free ways to watch it. 

I hope this article is helpful for you. Share this article with your friends and family. Still, if you have any doubts or questions for us? Please leave them in the comment section. We are here to help you.

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