Two-year-old New York boy passes away hours before his third birthday after going to bed – rest in peace

When we have kids, we take on a duty that we have never known or thought about before. 

In other words, we stop living for ourselves. Clearly, we may still do a lot of the things we used to do before we were referred to as “mom” or “dad,” but having a child really helps one realise — often for the first time — that oneself may not be the centre of the universe.

Two-year-old New York boy passes away

Given this, it is not at all surprising that we have an unwavering love for our children. They can occasionally drive us crazy, cause us to doubt our sanity, and leave us wondering how we’ll ever live till they can take care of themselves.

 But at the end of the day, I want any parent to look at their child sleeping and still feel that their own life would be better off without that little angel in it.

In fact, there are people out there who would do anything to be able to watch their child destroy their apartment by themselves, hear them whine or scream in anger, or hear them giggle just one more time.

Think of Luke Meyveci’s parents, who raised a young child from New York with the best of prospects. His parents loved him in the way that only devoted parents can. They had no idea that heartbreak was just around the corner.

According to reports, Luke’s family’s world was upside-down just as they were about to celebrate Luke’s third birthday.

Luke, a 2-year-old, went to sleep on Friday, October 14, and never came to. Due to complications following heart surgery, he went suddenly just two days before his third birthday.

Michelle Barnathan posted the following on a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the families of the victims of Luke:

Two-year-old New York boy passes away hours before his third birthday after going to bed - rest in peace

“Luke was the happiest, sweetest, and most devoted youngster who, with his large, gorgeous eyes and lashes, brightened every space he entered. Everyone he encountered had a positive opinion of him. He cherished playing with his vehicles, attending school, and Spider-Man. He was the most adorable baby boy and Amelia’s best little brother.”

“He went to sleep and peacefully left this world in our arms,” the statement added. We never imagined our baby would experience this; it was the stuff of our darkest dreams.

As of the time of writing, $54,973 of GoFundMe’s $60,000 aim had been raised.

Luke’s family went from preparing his birthday to having to prepare his funeral in the course of one terrible morning.

On October 16, the day Luke would have turned three, his mother Ashley Di Cairano Meyveci posted a message for him. It said:

“Now and every day, you are going to be honored. You’re the most gorgeous boy, and it’s been amazing to see you develop over the past [three] years.

The grieving widow shared four adorable photos of Luke, recalling him as a carefree, happy child who remained upbeat and happy till the end.

The suffering Luke’s family is going through right now is something I can only understand. It is unimaginable to lose a kid so quickly; we are sending them all of our well wishes and prayers.

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