Guess Joy Reid’s IQ:  Tucker Carlson couldn’t control his laugh

Republicans and Democrats both criticized MSNBC host Joy Reid for comments she made on her program

The ReidOut. When discussing the statement on his program, Tucker Carlson reportedly couldn’t stop laughing because it was so remarkably absurd and tone-deaf.

Guess Joy Reid’s IQ:  Tucker Carlson couldn't control his laugh

Reid reportedly claimed that the term “inflation” has been “taught” to Americans by Republicans despite not being a part of the common language. The only people who use the word inflation, according to Reid, are journalists and economists. “Right?

So, that is not part of the normal lexicon of the way people speak. Therefore, it’s intriguing that Republicans are doing something different from what they typically do, which is to refrain from using common English as they do during their campaign.

She continued, “But what they’ve done is taught folks the word inflation. Since they were taught it, the majority of people who would never have used that word in their lifetimes are doing so now.

They have been taught this word and are using it to explain why they really want to vote, including on TV and in newspapers.

Tucker Carlson couldn't control his laugh

” The MSNBC host’s comments were addressed by Tucker Carlson after he made a sarcastic introduction. In the best video ever captured on television news,” Carlson said.

According to Joy Reid of MSNBC, voters are upset about inflation because Republicans introduced them to the concept. The term “inflation” was unknown to them!

Conservatives, however, taught them that. instructed them to feel angry about it. However, those who are knowledgeable about the subject claim that inflation is actually a real phenomenon. It’s the highest it’s been in almost 40 years.

Tucker Carlson criticized Joy Reid after playing the video of her. Guess Joy Reid’s IQ is going to be a recurring segment, he announced.

It’ll be enjoyable. What they did, claims the Harvard woman. Exactly what they did! They spread the news about inflation. Ladies and gentlemen, there you have the Republican Party going around teaching people words.

Even words with three syllables: inflation. Inflation. It’s frightening.

Carlson wasn’t the only person laughing at Reid’s assertion, according to Fox News. Democrat Margaret Nichols laughed and referred to Reid’s claim as absurd.

She argued that it was absurd to imply that we were being “taught” or “fed” this information by the media and that we weren’t intelligent, independent individuals who were aware of both what was going on in the world and what was happening to our money.

Jason Whitlock, a host of a podcast, also commented. He wrote, “My grandmother completed the eighth grade. She was constantly discussing inflation during Jimmy Carter’s administration.

I can still hear her and my mother lamenting about it over the phone. Joy Reid attended an Ivy League university. Both sad and embarrassing, this.

The main issue with most issues, according to Beth Parlato, a lifelong Republican voter, is the inability to argue and discuss with those who hold opposing views in an amicable way.

“I’ve always been a conservative, and you’re a liberal, and we’re able to have a conversation,” she said to a liberal panelist.

Parlato emphasized the importance of having frank conversations about pressing issues, like inflation, from all angles in order to reach understanding and perhaps find answers.

That is what needs to occur, she said. Because I believe we have a lot in common when we sit down to have genuine conversations.

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