How To Transfer Google Play Balance To Your Bank Account 2024

Several people purchase apps, games, books, movies, etc., from the google play store. So, they transfer their balance into google play balance. Sometimes, they cancel their plan to buy an item from google play or have some cash in the google play balance. 

If you are one of them and want to get money back from google play, you are in the right place. Because this article shows you the step-by-step process to get your money back in your bank account from the google play balance.

First, we cover some information that you must need to know.

Google Play Balance: Things That You Need To Know About

As we know, google play balance is used to buy applications, games, books, movies, etc., from the android google play store. But, do you know that if you add money to google play, they don’t refund your money to your bank. 

Once a girl add 5000 rupees to her google play account by mistake, when she told her problem to the google play team on Twitter. Then they replay, that they are unable to help in this case, as you can see in the given screenshot. 

It is proof that google play didn’t give money that we add to the google play balance.

If you think they didn’t give our money, then how can I get cashback from google play balance? Don’t worry. We are here for you. You can’t get 100% money from the google play balance, But at least you can get 60% of your money in your bank account. 

How to Transfer Google Play Balance to your Bank Account

There is no direct way to get your money back into your account. But you can use third-party apps to get your money back into your account. For example, Reward converter India is one of the best apps, which will bring back your money in your bank account from the google play balance. 

Steps to use Reward Converter India App

  • log in with your email
  • Choose the amount and select the payment method
  • And, fill the all required details and click on convert reward
  • After that, Select your google play balance option and click on the buy button

After that, you can see a pop-up that informs you that, within 7-Days, you will have 60% of your money in your bank account, as you can see in the given screenshot. Reward Converter India sent 600 rupees to my Paytm account.

It is proof that you will get 60% of your google play balance if you use the Reward Converter India app to get your money from google play balance.

But, if you have a balance under 100 rupees in google play balance, then what? Don’t worry, then use the taskiboon application, which works some as Reward Converter India. It also takes 40% of your money. 

Steps to use Taskiboon

  • Open the Taskiboon
  • login or signup to Taskiboon
  • the select amount that you want to convert
  • Now click on the buy button 
  • Enter your email password and click on the verify button 
  • After that, click on the yes, always button

Now you have successfully purchased a token. Now follow the following steps to redeem your money in your bank account. Now, it shows one pop-up option. Click on the covert tokens.

  • Now, you can see your purchased token
  • Click on the convert button
  • now you can see the number of payment options
  • Select one of them and enter the required details
  • Click on the payout and verify your enter details again
  • Click on confirm, and you can see a pop-up of successful payout

You will get your money in your account between 10-15 days. Before jumping in it, please read the notes about Taskiboon. 

NOTE: Things That You Need To Know About Taskiboon

  •  The minimum purchase for UPI payouts is 100₹, and for bank transfers is 80₹.
  • For Wallet transfers, Paytm is the only available option. If opted, please ensure your Paytm wallet is active (KYC’ed)


As mentioned, it is the only way to get back your google play balance. If someone shows you to send an email or anything to google play, that will not work because I share a screenshot showing that google play will not give back your money in the google play balance.

Still, you have suggestions or questions for us. Please leave them in the comment section. We are here to help you. 

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