Baby Left Brain Damaged After Choking on Apple Slice

A mother, Marama Renata, of twin babies from New Zealand routinely sent her babies to daycare. She trusted the daycare’s workers, and the babies seemed to enjoy their fellow agemates. Marama needed to send her child to daycare to continue working as a doctor.

Baby Left Brain Damaged After Choking on Apple Slice

One day Marama Renata received a call from daycare that her baby, Neihana Renata, had choked on a piece of a peeled apple. The staff was trying to revive him with CPR. Neihana was run to the hospital to give him professional medical attention. 

His mother met Neihana as soon as possible at the hospital. Doctors told her that her son had permanent brain damage because of a lack of oxygen for half an hour. And sadly, it caused his body to have a cardiac arrest. 

Baby Brain Damaged After Choking on Apple Slice

He spent a few days in the intensive care unit for further treatment. But the doctors were not hopeful about Neihana’s condition. Although his health issues, Neihana ended up surviving the incident. 

Today, he can’t talk, walk, or even feed himself. The mother quit her job to take care of her son full-time. Neihana’s condition needs continuous care and attention. Investigators started questioning the daycare’s role after the incident news went viral.

It is not the first time that a kid in New Zealand has been impaired by choking on an apple slice. There was another incident where the baby died from eating an apple. 

The country’s Ministry of Health issued guidelines to help decrease such incidents in daycare.  It was advised to daycare that foods like carrots, apples, and celery be grated or cooked.

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