They Blocked The Route After Seeing What This Elephant Was Carrying About In Its Trunk

Scientists have discovered that elephants have a very similar mourning pattern to humans. Elephants are very social creatures, and they have a close family bond.

When a family member dies, the elephant will show signs of grief. And it will stay with the body for a long period.

George Wittemyer is a Colorado State University conservation biologist who has dedicated a lot of time to studying elephants.

He spoke with National Geographic about the complex emotions they experience. George said elephants respect their deceased, but we don’t fully understand how they communicate with them.

The research of Wittemyer sheds meaningful light on these animals’ minds and grieving processes.

Amazing creatures like elephants have been taught to experience grief when a member of their herd dies. It demonstrates their emotional intelligence and is simply astounding.

Parveen Kaswan, a Twitter user, posted a video showing that elephants may experience grief. They respect the bones later on in addition to burying the bodies.

They Blocked The Route After Seeing What This Elephant

The video shows several people and vehicles parked in the middle of the road. A herd of elephants is crossing the street, which is the cause.

The fact that one of the elephants was carrying something with its trunk caught the viewers’ attention.

They noticed the animal was holding a dead young elephant when they took a closer look. The herd suddenly stopped and gathered around the dead calf’s body as it was lying on the ground.

Kaswan said in the caption, “The family just don’t want to leave the infant,” and added that the scene seemed like a “funeral procession.”

Another animal carried the deceased infant with its trunk as they continued their journey.

See the video below to witness the amazing moment.

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