How To Spotify Crossfade Songs

If you’ve ever gone to a performance, especially one by an EDM musician or DJ, you’ll notice that they never, ever cut a song for the next one, not even for a second.

There are several reasons behind this. The first is obvious: the DJ does not want to ruin the atmosphere, even for a couple of seconds. 

Consider a few seconds of quietness in the audience following an energetic, entrancing drop because the new song is about to begin. Weird? Obviously. 

Even if you put a lot of care into organising and arranging your Spotify playlists, certain songs will ultimately fall out of sync with the rest of the playlist.

 You don’t have to experience major changes in the vibe of your playlists if you’ve fallen in love with the streaming music service as Spotify and signed up for a membership. 

The crossfade option on Spotify allows you to mix songs in your playlist by up to twelve seconds and as little as one second. Want to know how to do that? Then read on for more information about Spotify Crossfade Songs.

What is Crossfade?

Crossfade is a type of sound transition in which the sound of one song fades out and the sound of the following song fades in. 

This crossfade must happen eventually. At home, try this Crossfading technique on Spotify; you’ll like it. Personally, We loved it, and when checking Spotify’s settings, We discovered the Crossfade feature. It’s fantastic. 

We just did the crossfade settings for 7 seconds. We used to listen to music while writing blogs and other articles. As a result, this crossfade thing keeps the work flow going (I mean it). 

If you’re working out, going on a long drive, having a campfire party, or even a house party, crossfade settings will come in handy for sure!

How to Crossfade Music on Spotify?

Spotify does not provide Crossfade features by default since many musicians include transitioning in their album tracks. Listen to Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns for a wonderful example of sound transition in an album without crossfading. 

Where the band has added a transition to the entire album and it creates a particular type of flow. Make sure you’re not listening to the album on shuffle.

There are many more albums with transitions, but A Thousand Suns is the one that stands out to me the most, so I just listed it.

If you add crossfading to the maximum amount of 12 seconds, it might impair the album’s transition. That means the following song will begin to fade in at the “-12 second” mark of the present song. 

The album transition will not be heard as an outcome of this. As a result, Spotify does not automatically apply crossfades and you have to do it manually, just follow the instructions given below to easily add crossfade in songs on Spotify.

1. Spotify Crossfade on Smartphone

For Android

If you’re utilizing the Spotify application on your Android Smartphone, follow these steps to activate Crossfade: 

1. Phone can also be used to adjust the Crossfader settings. Simply go to Your Library to do so. 

2. Then, in the upper right corner, press the gear symbol to navigate to Settings.

3. Locate the crossfade option by scrolling down. Set the slider to your wanted level.

Spotify Crossfade Songs Android Phone

For iOS

If you’re utilizing the Spotify application on your iOS Smartphone, follow these steps to activate Crossfade:

1. Open the Spotify application. You’ll be sent to the Home page as soon as you start it.

2. Press on the upper-right corner of the screen. A gear symbol will appear there. Select the gear icon. It will take you to the Settings page.

Spotify Crossfade Songs on iPhone

3. Search for Playback at the bottom of the page. Playback should be selected. 

4. When you’re on the Playback page, you’ll see the crossfade slider. 5. Drag the slider to the desired time with your pointer.

Spotify Crossfade Songs on iOS

2. Spotify Crossfade On Desktops/Laptops

If you’re utilizing the Spotify application on your computer or laptop, follow these steps to activate Crossfade: 

1. Go to Settings option by clicking the arrow next to your profile picture.

Spotify Crossfade Songs on computer go to settings

2. Now scroll all the way to the bottom until you see the Show Advanced Settings option.

Spotify Crossfade Songs on computer show advanced settings

3. Crossfade will be the first option once you’ve discovered the Advanced options. You may change it using the adjuster to meet your style.

Spotify Crossfade Songs on computer and laptop

4. A change of less than 5 seconds is insignificant, but a difference of 12 seconds is significant. 5. So choose a time between 6 and 10 seconds.

Spotify Crossfade Songs on computer and laptop


So there you have it: how to add Crossfade to Spotify. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to hear the music gradually fade in and out.

There will no longer be any Breaks or Cuts in between the sessions. To avoid advertising, upgrade to Spotify premium.

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