Elevate Size and Quality with Image Size Increase Tool

Today, we will discuss how you can effortlessly elevate size and quality with an image size increase online tool. People are attracted to appealing content, and images are more influential than a thousand words. Pictures have an exceptional role in attracting an audience, whether you want to promote your brand or product, its social media presence, or your website’s performance. Audiences can better relate to appealing pictures than long, written paragraphs of words. Therefore, you must improve image quality and size.

What is Image Upscaling?   

Image upscaling is a process in which we enhance image quality and size to make it appealing and catchy for the audience. We enlarge images to any desired size, and dimension without altering the number of pixels or quality. It makes an image more presentable and makes written content more digestible. Image Enlarger tool increases the user experience and helps a website rank in search engines.

What is the Need for Image Enhancement?

Image quality plays a role in decreasing the bounce rate of a website. You can use high-quality images for multiple purposes, like on social media or as YouTube thumbnails. They give a pleasant user experience to the viewers and generate revenue for you via monetization. So, it is crucial to enhance image quality for better web performance.

Best Tool to Increase Photo Quality and Size

Numerous online editing tools are available all over the internet to increase size of image and quality according to your preference. But ImageDiamond image size increaser is one of the most widely used and leading tools to increase photo quality and size. It offers you the opportunity to increase size of image by up to 100%. It is a free web-based image enlarger tool that lets you enhance unlimited image quality 24/7 without costing you a single penny and enlarge images online. ImageDiamond keeps your edited work safe in “My Files” for 24 hours without a sign-up.


  • This outstanding tool increase photo size without disturbing its high quality.
  • It can adjust the image to any desired size without altering the number of pixels.
  • You can upload 10 pictures at once, up to a maximum of 5 MB in jpeg and jpg picture formats.
  • ImageDiamond offers its services for free, you can use it anywhere with a stable internet connection.
  • Its responsive and friendly interface supports iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.

How to Enhance Image Quality by Using ImageDiamond’s Image Size Increase Tool

Follow these steps to enhance image quality by using ImageDiamond’s Photo Enlarger.   

  1. Upload Images

Open your device’s browser and search for ImageDiamond image enlarger. Now, upload your desired images.

  1. Adjust Size

As you upload pictures, you will see a scale (1-100) and a size option under the scale. This tool increase image size as you slide on the scale. Set the size until you feel satisfied with the results. 

  1. Download 

Look at the preview; if you are happy with the results, press the download button.

Wrap up

HD Images play a vital role in a website’s performance. Photo Enlarger tool enhances the user experience and decreases bounce rates. So, it’s essential to keep the quality of images high because audiences are driven toward visually appealing content. ImageDiamond image size increaser can be the right tool for image enhancement. I hope reading this article has helped you elevate image size and quality for your website.

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