Best Romantic Wifi Names For Wifi Router

WiFi router comes with boring names But with good speed of internet. But We can customize the name of our router and make it interesting. 

Wifi’s name only can see those people who live near us or live with us. So, if you want to set the romantic names of your router. Then you are in the right place here you find the best romantic names for routers.

Best Romantic Wifi Names For Wifi Router
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How To Change The Router’s Name Step By Step?

As I tell you that routers come with boring names that can be customized. So, don’t worry because It’s very easy to change the router name. You just need to follow these steps given below.

  1. Open any browser in phone/desktop
  2. Type your router IP address in the browser. Generally, it is
  3. Log in as the administrator
  4. Open settings and click on the “WiFi name” or “SSID”
  5. Type wifi that you want to set wifi name
  6. Verify your new wifi name

Now you can set any name that you want to set. If it hard for you to choose cool and romantic names. Then scroll down to select the best wifi name for your partner.

How Romantic Names Work In Love Life?

After The Fight: If she/he is angry with you/. And not talk to you. Then you can change your wifi name into a romantic message and change her/his mood in a romantic way.

List of wifi names to after fight:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. I miss you baby
  3. Need you baba
  4. Plzz talk to me 
  5. Ur my life

For A Romantic Moment: If you want to make a romantic moment. And don’t know to start. Then you can tell her by changing the names of the wifi router.

List of wifi names to make romantic moment:

  1. My arms need you baby
  2. I need a tight hug 
  3. I Need kiss on lips 
  4. I need you on my bed 
  5. I’m in the mood today

For A Surprise: If you want to give on any special day you can write it in the router name and make a smile on his/her face. 

List of wifi names with a surprise:

  1. Happy Birthday my love
  2. Happy anniversary  my life
  3. Happy valentine day 
  4. Happy new year 
  5. Happy kiss day
  6. Happy hug day

Know you how you can use router name and want perfect names for your router. Check this list given below.

List Of Romantic Wifi Names for your Partner

  1. Romantic/ Love wifi names 
  2. Ur smile what I want 
  3. Tell Her I need a hug
  4. I love you more baby
  5. You & me
  6. I miss you 
  7. I Need kiss
  8. Good morning my love
  9. Tq to come in my life
  10. Ur only mine
  11. I’m only urs baby
  12.  I’m in a mood today
  13. I need you on my bed
  14. King & queen 
  15. My world 
  16. Ur my life 
  17. I love my wife 
  18. Ur password of my life
  19. Ur my heart
  20. Ur my lifeline
  21. Marry me
  22. 24*7 Love 
  23. Love birds 
  24. Lover together
  25. Just u & me 
  26. Love paradise 
  27. Crazy lovers
  28. Lovers villa 
  29. 2 body 1 soul 
  30. Hum & tum
  31. Together forever
  32. Teri Meri Kahani
  33. Ture lovers 
  34. Couples wifi
  35. Love you Jaan 
  36. Tum & hum 
  37. Aashiqui
  38. Befikre 
  39. Love ajj kal 
  40. Live together 

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