Power of Efficient Reduce Image Size Techniques

Learning to reduce size of images can help you create an efficient website that will engage your visitors more effectively and generate revenue. The viewers will stay longer on your website because great-looking images keep grabbing their attention. Here, we will let you know the power of efficient size techniques. We will help you learn to reduce image sizes without losing their quality. Keep Reading!

Ideal File Size of Image For a Website

It’s a general thumb rule for websites to have images with the smallest size as much as possible without negatively affecting the user experience. Our goal is always to make a web page load quickly to give the visitor a better user experience. And that is only possible if the content of the web is lightweight. 

Therefore, the ideal size for any web image should be 20KB to 200 KB depending on the context and colors. Since an image with more colors and components will be bigger in file size than an image with a straightforward white background and black text.

Process of Image Compression Online 

Image compressor is a procedure performed on the images to reduce image file size with an almost negligible change in quality. It’s the best way to prevent your website server from getting overloaded to compress image size before uploading them to the web.  

Following are some factors that are involved while compressing them.


PNG pictures are the best choice for websites because they show the best results when compressed. However, JPEGs are also a good choice for website images as they are rich in color. But remember, JPEG is 16-bit, and PNG is 24-bit. Both picture formats support millions of colors.

Image Resolution

Image compressor tool is also used to reduce image file size resolution. For example, a 4000×2500 image will be reduced to half its original 2000×1250 size. However, It can end up losing image data as well. You can also change the width/height of the image, which will also reduce size of image pixels.

Change Colors 

You can also choose an RGB 16-bit channel for images. Thus, you can have pictures with a few colors instead of millions. It will lead to reduce photo size, which will take less time to upload and download.   

Crop Image

You can also crop the image to reduce size of image. The image’s file size will decrease because anything removed from the image is no longer present in the final product. By using advanced editing tools, you can also crop an image from the middle to remove unnecessary parts.

ImageDiamond Reduce Image Size Tool 

ImageDiamond’s image compressor is an efficient tool that can change the dimensions of images without disturbing their quality. All you need to do is upload your desired images and adjust the size using the scale. ImageDiamond will take care of the rest for you and reduce the picture size. Its friendly interface will make the photo compression process hassle-free for you. 


This photo compressor offers you the following incredible characteristics.

  1. It’s an online tool that works in all the device’s built-in browsers, saving you from any installation hassle. 
  2. ImageDiamond offers its services for free, so you don’t need to worry about buying any subscriptions.
  3. You don’t need to create an account on ImageDiamond, as it respects your privacy and doesn’t ask for any sign-up. 
  4. Using a reduce image size tool, compressing images will become a piece of cake for you because its algorithms work efficiently and compress images in a flash.    
  5. You can submit up to 10 JPEG or PNG images, each no larger than 5 MB at a time. 
  6. It keeps your edited work safe for the next 24 hours. If you accidentally lose your edit, you can quickly get it back from the “My files” section.

Final Word

High-quality images help you demonstrate competence and build trust with your audience. But they can also overload the web server and badly influence user experience. So, it’s imperative to compress images before uploading them to your website. You must choose the right tool to compress photos, or they may seem pixelated, stretched, or blurred. This file compressor is one of the best and leading reduce image size tools for this purpose. You can use it for free and unlimited credits to compress images.

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