The Most Quirky Thing That Would Have Happened In A Hospital

Most people dread a visit to the hospital. regardless of what you are there for, it’s always never fun, and this is often for many reasons. You grind to a halt waiting for long periods of time, then you are poked and prodded by multiple doctors and nurses who don’t seem to want to tell you a thing. although the hospital is definitely no vacation, every now and then you get a glimpse of some of the hilarious behind-the-scenes moments taking place there. ​From hilarious puns to patient antics, these are the foremost entertaining things people saw at the hospital.

1. This Sign Was Posted Next To the size At The Doctor’s Office, Men Should Take Notes

Sensitive topics like dieting and body-shaming should not be bothered to ask from females. These are sensitive topics, so men should proceed with caution. within the doctor’s office, a patient snapped a pic of this sign hanging next to the size, and it could save someone’s life. many of us packed on a few extra pounds during quarantine because there was nothing to do besides bake bread and make whipped coffee. it’s ok if people gained weight, but it’s not anyone else’s concern than the person who gained the weight.

2. I Jumped In Front Of The Bus And an Ambulance Rescued Me

If you’ve got ever been to a college frat party, you’ve got probably witnessed someone say, “hold my beer and watch this” before they are doing something very stupid. whether or not they are jumping off the roof onto a plastic beer pong table or sliding down the stairs on a mattress, that sentence always results in someone ending up in the hospital. it’s unclear if this person works at the hospital or if he was coming in as a patient, but we are sure the nurses can agree that this is often a true statement. Alcohol causes you to try to do stupid things, so take care when you drink and don’t trust your friends when they try to show you a new stunt.

3. After A Leg Amputation, this is often How The Patient’s Brother Showed Up To The Hospital

When you have to get anything amputated, it’s a very serious procedure. Most of the people have to make difficult decisions to remove one of their limbs. during this case, the patient’s twin brother wanted to lighten the mood after surgery, so he came dressed as a pirate. We hope this guy threw his prosthetic leg at his brother for exposure as a pirate. Since he has an eye-fixed patch, his depth perception are going to be thrown off, and he is going to be at a disadvantage. a minimum of his brother showed support even if he was making fun of the patient.

4. Someone within the Hospital Really Wanted Pizza

At the Children’s Hospital in l. a., one patient, named Hazel, put up an indication in her window requesting pizza. She must have gotten disgusted with the hospital food, and craved a delicious slice of cheesy pizza. Fortunately for Hazel, she captured the eye of many people and made it onto the local news. People started sending this Hazel many pizza, and since she wasn’t able to eat it all by herself, her family fed the nurses, doctors, and other patients on her floor. Hazel was a vibrant female child who was well known on the pediatric oncology floor, and she or he sadly passed away in 2018.

5. Dr. Hedgeh(og) Reporting For Duty

Dr. Hedgeh must really hate hedgehogs because she isn’t a fan of people adding “og” to the end of her name. Maybe she played an excessive amount of Sonic the Hedgehog as a child and started to resent the blue video game character because she kept losing. This doctor could also dislike the straightforward prank because she has childhood trauma of her classmates calling her hedgehog. nobody really knows the real reason why this doctor hates jokes so much, but she must lighten up because it is all in good fun.

6. The Airport may be a Great Alternative To Paying For Expensive Medical Tests

Someone saw this posted at a late-night clinic, and it’s low key accurate. In America, health care is extremely expensive; therefore, many of us cannot afford it. If you attend the airport, you’ll get an X-ray in the scanner, a breast exam within the full-body pat-down, and a colonoscopy if they think you’ve got things hidden internally. Buying an airplane ticket to get to security is much cheaper than a hospital bill. nobody can afford their medical bills these days because hospitals will charge you $40 for one Advil when an entire bottle costs about $15. they’re robbing us blind.

7. The Laser Eye Surgery Was Such A trouble

Everyone wants to be ready to shoot lasers out of their eyes like a superhero. the apparent way to achieve that is to have laser eye surgery, right? that’s the procedure where they put laser beams in your eyes, or are we getting confused? Well, if you cannot get the power to shoot lasers, at a minimum you no longer have to struggle with glasses and contact lenses. Having an ideal vision is almost like a superpower in some ways. you’ll brag about how much better you can see than all your friends.

8. once you Ask For Water And They Bring It To You In This Cup

When this person visited to get their blood drawn at the lab, they asked for a cup of water. They didn’t expect the nurse to bring back a cup that said “urine sample.” we might be wary of drinking whatever is in that cup. Wouldn’t you’ve got trust issues it the nurse gave that to you and expected you to believe it was really water? What if she thought it was water, but someone happened to be very hydrated that day. they ought to have separate cups for water and pee.

9. once you Mistakenly took Builders Expanding Foam For Your Hair gel

We have never seen someone more over life than this woman. we do not know if she needs a doctor or a hairdresser more, but we all know she needs a stiff drink and a reset on the day. It must be quite embarrassing to explain this to the ER nurse when she walked in. To be fair, who leaves mousse sitting next to the builder’s expanding foam? Those two should not even be in the same room, including sitting right next to each other. At now, she should just shave her head and rock the buzz-cut look.

10. whenever Someone Comes In With A Fish Hook The Hospital Puts It On Display

We didn’t understand how common fishing accidents were until we saw this wall of fishing hooks on display in the ER. whenever someone gets stuck on a hook and comes to the hospital, they reserve it and display it in the hallway. Imagine if you were a repeat offender, you’d be famous at this hospital. you almost certainly thought that hooks were only used for catching fish, but they will also catch people. If you’re looking for a life partner, you’ll just go fishing for one, and you would possibly meet your person in the emergency room.

11. Runaway Leech Caught On His thanks to The Blood Bank

This leech got disgusted by the AB+ blood it was feeding on and decided to head to the blood bank for some tasty O-. This leech prefers his blood from a blood donor . How long did they let the leech go before putting it back where it belonged? If you didn’t know, leeches are still utilized in modern medicine to help improve blood flow after constructive surgery where there is poor circulation. The leech removes clotted or congested blood from these delicate areas. they need been used since the times of ancient Egypt.

12. this is often What They Teach You In Med School

This is probably the last book you would want to see in your doctor’s waiting room. We are pretty sure that doctors take an oath to try to do no harm when they get a medical degree, but that hasn’t stopped a get few. a minimum of he is reading about how not to kill people. it’s always comforting to see doctors trying to improve their skills and become the best in their professions. Imagine looking this reserve on Amazon, and a doctor left a review saying, “one star, didn’t work, had several patients die.”

13. Eye Have My Eyes On You

If your anesthesiologist came into the OR with two sets of eyes, you’d probably wonder what drugs the nurse slipped into your IV. However, this doctor was just having some fun to form his patients feel like they saw double. it’s a slightly cruel joke, but doctors need to find something fun to do when they deal with trauma all day. we might love to know who drew the second set of eyes because that person is a talented artist.

14. “My Wife Said A Bow And Arrow Was a nasty Present, But I Didn’t hear Her”

When you give your child a bow and arrow, you ought to probably expect that nothing good is going to come out of it. The nurse within the corner looks just as confused as the man’s wife probably was when he came home with the toy for their child. His son may need been the one that shot the arrow, but the daddy is the one who stood somewhere in front of the target. you ought to always stand behind someone who is shooting a bow and arrow, so you’ve got no chance of getting hit like this man.

15. The ER Nurses Decided To Rename The Gummy Bear Flavors

We cannot give enough credit to nurses. They work tirelessly and need to deal with horrible things for long shifts. There are numerous responsibilities that come with being a nurse, and sometimes people are rude even once you are the person who is helping them. The nurses decided to possess a laugh and rename all the gummy bears after illnesses that resemble those colors. you’ll go from light green (nausea) to dark purple (he dead). whilst someone who has to deal with so much, they manage to seek out humor in the little things.

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