200+ Best PUBG Stylish, Cool, & with Symbols Crew/Clan Names

PUBG is the most popular mobile phone game all over the world. Almost everyone plays this game on their mobile devices. 

PUBG is very popular because of its gameplay and multiplayer mode. As well, the graphics of this game is also very impressive. 

Most people spend lots of their money to buy premium packs of this game. In these packs, they get clothes and accessories for their player, making their player look cool in the game.

Furthermore, people choose an equine name for their player, team, and crew. On top of that, People search for these names on the internet.

If your one of them and looking for cool, stylish names with symbols and hot names for your crew/clan, then you are in the right place. 

This article provides you a huge list of PUBG crew/clan names that will be perfect for you. As well, We divided these names into some categories. So, you can choose the best name for your crew/clan. 

Have a look at the categories, 

Table Of Contents

PUBG Crew Names 

PUBG Crew New Names [curenntyear]

  • Gangsters of (Your City or Village Name)
  • Monsters 
  • Devil’s of Hell
  • Angry Bulls
  • Bad Riders
  • Gods Of War
  • Chamn Chutiya
  • Gabbar Gang 
  • Dream Team 
  • Kings♛ of PUBG
  • Sharpshooters
  • Contract killers
  • Ghost Ridders
  • Bablu Gang
  • Power Girls or Boys 
  • Fireballs 
  • Campers 
  • Chapal Gang
  • Suicide Squad
  • Badmash Company
  • Tini Troopers 
  • The X-Force
  • Bablu Gang 
  • (Your Favorite Superhero Name here, like Iron-man, Batman or Superman) Fan Club
  • Team Alpha
  • Babu Bhaiya Gang
  • Team Ae Rajuuuu
  • Gangstars Of Wasseypur
  • Team AK-47
  • M24 Lovers

PUBG Crew Cool Names 

  • Hard Fighters 
  • Team Cleaners 
  • Black Panters
  • Angry Birds
  • Hard Drivers
  • The Masters 
  • Men Of Steel 
  • Lazy Killers 
  • Hitman Club 
  • Fantastic four
  • Snipers squad
  • One shoot Company
  • (country Name) Stars
  • Beast wipers
  • Jhon Wick Crew
  • Sons Of God 
  • PUBG army 
  • (Country Name) Army 
  • The Pirates
  • Pro Theifs
  • Killer Genlatmen
  • Kings Of Mirzapur
  • The Incredibles
  • The Mind Blasters
  • Superheros 

PUBG Crew Stylish Names 

  • Team Destroyers
  • The Assassins
  • Silent Shooters
  • Sniper Lovers
  • Head Shot 
  • Risky Boys or Girls
  • Wild hunters
  • The Bulldogs
  • The Vampires
  • Kill Stealers
  • Super-Men 
  • Bad Hunters
  • Mobile King 
  • Hungry killers 
  • Team Lucifer
  • Evil’s of Haven 
  • Gods of Haven 
  • Knockout 
  • The First shoot
  • Modern combaters

PUBG Crew Hot Names

  • Home Suicide 
  • Kill Machine
  • Show Stoppers 
  • Fire Guns
  • Savager Team
  • The daredevils
  • Head Breakers
  • Chicken Masters
  • Dangerous Warriors
  • Undefeatable Soldiers
  • Invincible Killers
  • Hot Shot Team 
  • The Hackers 
  • The Beast Blasters
  • The Power House 
  • The Hell Boys or Girls 
  • Panda Crew 
  • The Villains
  • Wolf Warriors
  • White Tigers
  • Killers souls
  • Chicken dinner lovers

PUBG Crew Names with symbols

  • Ninja丈Warriors
  • ♛Lions♛
  • ♕Queens♕
  • Head♝breakers
  • Ðead Mens or Womens
  • Horse♞ Ridders
  • Evil彡 Lucifer 
  • Heart♡ Breakers
  • The Ghaint♖ Players
  • Team Up个
  • ØP Players
  • Shining Stars✮ 
  • Simelyシ Crew
  • ♔Princes Of (your city or village name)♔
  • Real ズFighters
  • 彡Tigers彡
  • 么The Avengers么
  • ®Alpha®
  • 私(Your Favorite Team Name)私
  • 연(your Favorite Team Name)연
  • Bhangズ BhaiズBhang

PUBG Crew Names For Boys

  • Noobs Team 
  • Chapal Chor Gang 
  • The Spiders 
  • Team 007
  • Crazy Four 
  • 24X7 PUBG
  • Nuker Gang 
  • The Smokers 
  • Lions of PUBG
  • Dirty Minders 
  • Single’sSingle’s Club
  • Death Team 
  • PUBG Strikers 
  • Enemy Hunters 
  • James Bond Club 
  • The Captains
  • Soul Slayers
  • The Robbers 
  • The Protractor
  • The X-Men
  • Lazies Hunters
  • Messengers Of God
  • King’sKing’s Club
  • The Villagers
  • City Kings 
  • Lions of (Your village or City Name)

PUBG Crew Names For Girls

  • The Angels 
  • Power Girls 
  • Cute Killers 
  • Dream Slayers
  • The X-Women
  • God’s Angels 
  • Boys Hunters 
  • Angel preya Gang
  • Killer Cats 
  • Cat Women 
  • Super Girls 
  • Pinky Gang
  • Dangerous Queens
  • Killers princesses
  • Daughters of Devil
  • Baby Dolls 
  • Beautiful ogress
  • Noob Girls
  • Hidden Snipers
  • Dady’sDady’s princesses 
  • Queen’sQueen’s Club
  • M24 Walia

Final Words

I hope you will get the best name for your PUBG crew, and it will be the new identity of your PUBG group. 

But if you find too many names for your crew and it’s hard to pick one of these. Then you must need your crew right now.

I have a solution to your problem. You just have to share this article with your friends and ask them to choose the best name from these. 

After that, when they choose the name, match your favorite name and decide on one perfect name that your all group likes.

Furthermore, We have provided a massive list of PUBG crew names divided into some categories. 

So, you can ask your friends to choose names from one category that you like. So, they can easily pack one name for your crew. 

Moreover, the given lists will be getting updates in the future. That’sThat’s why every time you visit here, you will see the new name in these lists. 

If you have any suggestions or questions about this article, you can ask us in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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