Prayers are needed for Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey after the terrible crash tragedy

Jennifer Grey is preparing to reprise the iconic role that skyrocketed her to international fame as a new Dirty Dancing film is developing. 

Not only will she star in this upcoming untitled dance picture produced by Lionsgate, but she will also serve on its executive team! 33 years ago.

Prayers are needed for Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey

when she starred beside Patrick Swayze as Frances “Baby” Houseman at age 60, Jennifer was catapulted into stardom worldwide.

Jennifer and Matthew were all the rage in Hollywood before their star-making movie, Dirty Dancing, hit theatres. After meeting on stage, they quickly became close friends.

Tragically, just nine days before the film’s debut, an unfortunate accident occurred while Jennifer and Matthew were vacationing in Ireland.

Tragically, Anna Gallagher and Margaret Doherty were killed instantly in the head-on collision, while Jennifer and Matthew suffered severe injuries. 

Matthew’s leg was broken, a lung collapsed, and he had a concussion, whereas Jennifer endured intense trauma along with torn ligaments on the back of her skull.

Even though Broderick was deemed to be in the wrong lane when the collision occurred, he was still convicted of reckless driving and fined. 

Jennifer would be plagued with pain for eternity and could no longer enjoy dancing as she used to.

Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey

Massage therapy, heat packs, cold compresses, anti-inflammatory pads – anything that would bring her ease from discomfort – were all futile attempts at relieving her distress. 

The actor suffered a great deal of affliction long after the incident due to an overwhelming emotional turmoil, hence being incapable of acting again for quite some time after that.

In the early 1990s, Jennifer made a life-altering decision to get two nose jobs; one to correct the issues caused by the first. 

The actress proclaimed that because of this radical transformation, some of her companions could not recognize her anymore. “I walked into surgery feeling like an icon and exited unrecognised,” Jennifer said.

“It was similar to living under witness protection or being invisible.” To kick start her career anew, she even contemplated changing her name!

After a series of relationships with renowned celebrities Michael J. Fox and Johnny Depp included, Jennifer tied the knot with actor Clark Gregg in 2001. 

Although they recently announced their divorce this month, Stella is still the apple of their eyes, being their only child. Additionally, Jennifer was featured on Dancing With The Stars in 2009 – America’s version of Strictly Come Dancing. Recently she underwent surgery to stabilise her neck and treat an issue regarding her compressed spinal cord;

 “I didn’t realise how much my pain had taken over my life until it disappeared,” she recalled fondly.

Prayers are needed Jennifer Grey

The pain had become an inescapable part of Jennifer’s life until she decided to undergo surgery to stabilise her neck and treat a compressed spinal cord. 

“I was so used to the discomfort, I didn’t think about how much it had altered my daily activities,” explained Jennifer. She said, “Things like dancing which were once enjoyable hobbies became something I merely wanted to avoid because of the pain.” 

Prayers needed for Dirty Dancing's Jennifer

Shockingly enough, during this same operation, doctors found a small cancerous nodule on her thyroid gland, causing extreme worry. Fortunately, after its removal, Jennifer has been living cancer free ever since!

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