Can You Use Playbox App For iPhone In 2021?

Unlike Android, iPhones are a bit complicated to use especially installing modified/cracked apps or something that isn’t available in the play store.

The Playbox app is one of the popular app among iPhone users. It is an entertainment app meaning you can watch movies for free without any subscription.

When I heard about this app I search on google how to install playbox on iPhone.

I found several websites to download the playbox. These websites even have a step-by-step tutorial for installation.

Everything seems good enough until i didn’t click on the download click.

Safari showed an error as you can see in the screenshot. I have also tried VPN and other browsers but no results.

download error playboxHD

There was another method on the same website that was by installing ipa4ios. In case you don’t this is kind of app store for the IOS. In this you will find all kind’s of modified apps.

So I have installed ipa4ios on my iPhone 11. When I try to download the playbox HD it showed the following error.

I try another website to download the app. This site download link showed me a 404 error.

Thus I try all the websites but none of them is working. The moral of the post is you can’t download playbox HD on your iPhone or iPad.

I try to honest with my readers and the truth is there is no working download link of the playbox HD. All other websites are just to waste your time. They got traffic with catchy headlines.

You think it is working because there are screenshots. In the end, the website owner makes money, and users keep jumping from one site to another.

In case you found one and let me know by the comment section, I will update the article.

It is up to you, accept the truth and stop wasting time or continue to find the download link.

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netflix price on accountbot

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