Pink Stops Her Australian Concert To Console A Teenage Girl Who Recently Lost Her Mother

Pink Stops Her Australian Concert To Console A Teenage Girl Who Recently Lost Her Mother

Pink’s kindness was recognized when she interrupted her performance in Brisbane, Australia in 2018 to find Debbie Murphy, a fourteen-year-old.

A poster that reads “Her mother passed away last month” was being held up by the young girl. Debbie came to the performance even though she was in pain because she knew her mother would have wanted her to.

Pink took the time to speak with Debbie and offered her words of comfort and support. This moment was a true display of kindness and humanity.

Pink Stops Her Australian Concert

Debbie Murphy was delighted to have the opportunity to see Pink perform live in Brisbane, Australia. She loved dancing to her favorite pop star’s songs.

Debbie was going to go to the concert with her friend. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly a few weeks before the show.

Debbie’s death made Leah heartbroken. She was Debbie’s daughter, age fourteen. In June 2018, just before the show, her mother passed away.

Leah decided to attend the concert using her mother’s ticket because she thought it was what her mother might have liked.

Leah’s family tried to contact Pink beforehand but didn’t receive any response.

At the concert, they held up a sign that said Leah was age fourteen and lost her beautiful mother last month. It also said she needed a hug.

Leah didn’t think Pink would ever see it. But dancing all night was what her mother would have wanted her to do.

Despite the big audience during the concert, people saw her sign and tried to get Pink to see it. Everyone around her took the poster and waved it at the stage.

Pink finally noticed the poster and tried to read the words. When Pink saw the fourteen-year-old in the audience holding up a poster, she asked Debbie to come on stage. The dreadful misery that occurred is recorded on camera.

Pink Stops Her Australian Concert To Console A Teenage Girl

Leah told Pink how much her mother loved her when Pink came down to hug her and talk with her. Donkin reported that the performer remarked to Leah, “You’re pretty — oh don’t cry — it’s going to be Alright.”

They took selfies together, and Leah got Pink’s autograph before she returned to the stage to finish the show.

“She is so heartbroken,” Donkin said. She hasn’t stopped singing or smiling since the show. “I think she [Leah’s mother] planned it all out and sent her little darling a hug from heaven.”

Seeing how much kindness is still present in the world is astounding. Telling everyone you know to read about Pink’s selfless action would be an excellent step to take. Make sure to share this lovely post with your loved ones.

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