Hilarious Photobombs by Attention Sucker Dogs and Cats

Are you looking for a good laugh? Nothing is better than an attention-sucking photobomb from a hilarious pet! Photobombs can be both comical and cute, whether it’s a dog or cat.

From the classic human behind the camera moment to unexpected animals in the frame, here are some of the best attention suckers to make your friends laugh.

1. The Peeping Tom Cat:

The Peeping Tom Cat

This cat is not camera shy! It looks like she was caught in the middle of her photo shoot as she peers out from behind the corner curtain, no doubt ready for her closeup.

2. The Stowaway Dog:

The Stowaway Dog

This dog has found the perfect hiding place while still getting attention, perched atop his owners’ shoulders like a little bird. His mischievous smile says it all; he knows he just pulled off the ultimate photobomb!

3. The Tiny Chihuahua:

The Tiny Chihuahua

This tiny chihuahua may be small, but she makes up for her lack of height with her big personality! She’s not afraid to jump into any photo op and make her presence known, making this picture one of our favourite hilarious photobombs by attention sucker dogs and cats.

4. The Sneaky Cat:

The Sneaky Cat

This sneaky cat may have thought he was being stealthy, but we can all see him lurking in the background! His ears perked up and eyes wide with anticipation. It looks like he’s ready to make a hilarious photobomb of his own.

5. The Unimpressed Kitten:

The Unimpressed Kitten

This little kitten doesn’t seem too impressed by the family’s vacation selfie. she wants to return to her nap! Her unamused expression is one of our favourite hilarious photobombs by attention sucker dogs and cats.

6. Don’t Look at Them, Look at Me:

Don't Look at Them, Look at Me

This dog knows the only way to get attention is by demanding it! He’s making sure everyone’s eyes stay on him, even if he has to pose right in front of the camera. We can’t blame him; photobombing is a win situation!

7. The Smiling Cat:

The Smiling Cat

This mischievous cat knows he’s caught in the act of photobombing. Still, instead of running away embarrassed, he smiles right into the camera! His big smile has made this one of our favourite hilarious photobombs by attention sucker dogs and cats.

8. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Supercat :

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Supercat

This daring kitty took his photobombing skills to the next level by soaring into the frame with an epic jump! His perfect timing has made him a master of photobombing.

9. That’s What You Get For Taking My Place:

That's What You Get For Taking My Place

This dog was not impressed when someone took his spot in the photo op and decided to take matters into his paws! He knows that photobombing is the only way to regain control of the situation.

10. That Sure Looks Delicious:

That Sure Looks Delicious

This curious pup can’t resist a good photobombing opportunity. He knows sticking his head into the shot will distract him from everyone else and make him the show’s star!


No matter how hard you try to take a photo without someone photobombing it, these attention-seeking dogs and cats always seem to find ways to make us laugh. We hope you enjoyed our list of hilarious photobombs by attention sucker dogs and cats!

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