The Best Photo Editor Mobile App For Girls

These days, people click lots of photos on their mobile phones and upload them on their social media platforms. But most people upload their images after the editing process.

If your social bird and you click lots of pictures on your mobile phone. But you don’t know which photo editing app is best for you. Then you are in the right place.

Because in this article, We will show you the best Photo editors app for girls. As well, We divided them into two categories, Basic and Advance. 

The basic level editors are for those people, Who don’t know photo editing and want beginner-level photo editors. Whereas, Advance level editor list is for those people, Who are good at photo editing and want the best photo editing app. 

Let’s begin with the Best Photo Editors list, 

The Best Photo Editor App For Girls

We complete our photo editors list according to the girl’s choices. Because this article is specially written for the girls. But if you’re a boy and want a good photo editor, then these are also perfect for you. 

The following paragraphs give you in-depth detail about the photo editor. Furthermore, The given screenshots give you an idea of how these editors work on mobile phones. 

Basic Level Photo Editor

This list is created for those people, who want a basic photo editing application for their mobile phone. That way, they can understand and use them in an easy way. 

Furthermore, All these applications are easy to use and give you lots of pre-made templates, filters, and many other options that are necessary for a photo editing app. 

But don’t expect more from these editors, Because these are made for beginners. Let’s look out at the list of basic-level photo editors. 


PicsArt makes your pictures awesome. This line is the perfect line for this application because it makes your ordinary photos into an excellent image. 

As you can see in the screenshot, I edit an image in the PicsArt, and here are the results.

When you open this app, you can see premade temples on the home screen. Click on try and choose one of your images. It will automatically edit your photo in a few seconds.

But if you want to customize your photo on your own, click on the plus button and choose a picture from your mobile phone’s gallery.

Here, you can have six options to create/edit a video/image. In the first photo edit option, you can edit your image with lots of features, Like tools, effects, stickers, cutouts, text brushes, and many other features. 

The second one is the video edit option, you can crop, trim, adjust, add music, effects, add text, stickers, add photos & videos into your video. 

The third one is collage. In this section, you get 100+ premade collages to place your images. Moreover, you can adjust the collage after putting your photo into it.

The background section is in the fourth position. This section provides thousands of backgrounds for free to use in your image’s background. 

The fifth section is of effects, This section has several effects to apply to the picture. Here, you can get paid and free effects for your images.

The last section has beautified options to edit your photo. This section is specially made for those people, Who just want to adjust the skin tone of their image.

That’s all you get in the PicsArt, if these options are enough for your photo editing then this will be perfect for you. Download this application from the given download button. 


This application is made for beginners-level photo editors Because in this app you can find pre-made effects, filters, and many other options.

If you want a simple and the best photo editing application. Then read the following paragraphs to get detailed information about the Polish photo editor. 

On the home page, You can see three options. Photo, collage, and camera.

When you click on the photo option, It will put you into their photo editor tool. But if you click on the collage button then you will be going to the collage photo editor. The last camera option is to click a photo for the Polish photo editor.

In the photo editing section, you have to choose one image from your gallery. Then you can access their photo editor. The editing section has packed effects, filters, adjustments, fit, text, stickers draw, and many other features like them. 

I edit one of the images with a Polish photo editor, here is the result that I get from this application.

Furthermore, In collage gives you some premade layouts and adjustments options. 

These kinds of stuff you get from the Polish photo editing application. But if you want more pre-made templates and easy use applications, the Next ones must be perfect for you. 

Motion Leap 

Motion Leap is a different photo editor Because it gives live images after the editing. Here is the one sample that I made in the Motion leap. 


NOTE: I edit this image in the free version of Motion Leap, But if you want more amazing effects for your image then you can go to their premium pack, where you can see all their premium effects and features. 

In my opinion, this is the best photo editing application, Who upload lots of photos and videos on their social media platforms. Because it gives unique images to us. 

When you open this application, then you can see lots of pre-made photos on the home screen. These will help to create new and unique GIFs from the motion Leap. 

But if you want to edit your image in this editor, then click on the plus button and add your pic to this editor. In the editing area, you can get Aminate, sky, effects, element, overlay, beat loops, ambiance, camera FX, filters, and adjustments features to edit your image. 

These features make it, A different photo editor Because we can make GIFs from Motion Leap. But if you want to compete for the package for social media platforms, the following editors must fulfill your requirements. 


Pics Lab is a very simple and easy-to-use application. Because in this application you can see premade effects, stickers, and filters. Furthermore, It gives some adjustment settings. 

This application is for those people, Who just want to edit their picture with pre-made templates. Here is one image I edit in PicsLab with effects & filters. I made some adjustments as well. 

On top of that, PicsLab provides collages to create a group of images. That’s all you get in the PicsLab photo editing application.


If you upload lots of pics on social media and want a perfect photo editing application with pre-made templates, Canva is perfect for you. 

Because in this application, you will get thousands of pre-made templates for every social media platform, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Furthermore, you will get here birthday, animated logos, education logos, and many other pre-made templates for free. I use a pre-made template of canvas and the result is in the screenshot.

It is not a full photo-editing application. But, it is only those people you just won’t use templates and add some other graphics in their pictures. 

But you will get the basic editing features like brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, x-process, and vignette. 

In addition to that, Canvas is only used to get free templates and elements. Otherwise, it is not a photo editing application like others. 

Advance Level Photo Editor

If you know about photo editing and want advanced-level photo editing applications, Then these applications are perfect for you.

In this list, you will find only advanced-level photo editing applications that are mobile-friendly and give a wide range of photo editing features. Let’s begin with the Lightroom.


Lightroom is one of the best photo editing applications on the mobile phone. It was created by adobe company, Who made photoshop, premiere pro like editing software. 

Basically, Adobe is the best company to provide amazing photo & video editing software for mobile phones & desktops. 

I personally use this application on my mobile phone to edit my photos. Here is one of the photos that I edit in Lightroom with my phone.

Lightroom provides selective, healing, crop, profiles, light, color, effects, details, optics, geometry, presets, and many other features to edit your images. As well as, you will get curve support in light. 

Furthermore, On the home screen, you will have thousands of video tutorials to learn how to edit photos in the lightroom. 


Snapseed is also the best application to edit photos on a mobile phone. It was created by Google. Moreover, this application is free to use. You don’t need to waste money to get advanced features in this application.

Here is the sample of the picture, I edited in Snapseed. 

Snapseed gives access to edit photos with a crop, rotate, perspective, expand, selective, brush, healing, HDR-scape, glamour, tonal contrast, drama, vintage, black & white, and many other features to edit our image in this application. 

I like this application Because it is totally free and easy to use. Moreover, it was created by Google. 

Which Editor is Perfect For You? 

We almost give enough information about every photo-editing application. So, you can decide which application is perfect for you. But if you are still confused, Let me help you in this case.

First, if you don’t know photo editing, then pick an application from the basic level photo editing applications. you can get every single piece of information about the application in the above paragraphs. 

But if you know about photo editing, then you must pick advanced-level photo editing applications. I use Lightroom on my mobile phone and my best friend SnapSeed on his mobile phone. 

We both are happy with our applications Because we want from these applications. Read the Lightroom and Snapseed paragraphs and find what they offer to you. And what you really want for photo editing. 

We hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions. please leave them in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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