Philips BT50B vs JBL GO : Differenace & Full Detailed Review

There is a massive list of Bluetooth speakers available in the offline and online market. Philips and JBL are giving the best Bluetooth speakers at the affordable price.

Philips BT50B and JBL GO  are the best speakers out in the market. Both are very popular in the online market. Most people confuse about choosing one from these.

If you are one of them, then your problem will be solved after reading this article, Because this article covers every single useful piece of information about both speakers.

As well as compare Philips BT50B & JBL GO Bluetooth speakers. So, you can decide easily. Which one is perfect for you? 

Let’s begin with the short Introduction, 

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Introduction Of The Competitors

Philips BT50B: Introduction

Philips BT50B is one of the best blue speakers out there on the budget price. It is for those people who want a style Bluetooth speaker for portability. 

JBL GO: Introduction

JBL GO is also an affordable Bluetooth speaker in the market. It is a lite weight to take outside. It is best for those who want a nice and loud sound with a compact size speaker.

Brand PhilipsJBL
Model NameBT50BGO
Color OptionDual-TonSingle-Ton
Battery Stand up to6 hours5 hours
ConnectvityWire, BluetoothWire, Bluetooth
Audio Wattage2 Watt3.1 Watt
Special FeaturesBuilt-in microphoneBuilt-in microphone
Price Rupees1,9991,699

This table almost gives you useful information that you want to know about the speakers, but you want detailed information about these Bluetooth speakers’ features. Then read the following paragraphs for in-depth information.

Differences between Philips BT50B & JBL GO

The given paragraphs show the difference between them. The following sections also provide every single piece of information that is improtant in both Bluetooth speakers.


Both Bluetooth speakers look good, But Philips looks much better than the JBL speakers, as you can see in the screenshot. Also, it depends on personal preference. 

In my opinion, Philips’s double-ton color and around shape design attract me a lot. In comparison, JBL GO has a simple square design but has a massive color range.


The sound quality of both speakers is decent, Don’t expect loud and superior sound.

In the Philips, you can hear a little bit clear sound compare to the JBL. In contrast, JBL GO provides a little louder sound than the Philips BT50B.

Because the Philips speaker has a maximum output power of 2 watts, the JBL GO speaker has 3 watts power.

Furthermore, the microphone is available in both Bluetooth speakers, which is very useful for using voice assistants and talking on calls.


Compies claim that Philips has 6 hours of battery backup and JBL Go has 5 hours. In the real-day test, Philips gives up to 5-6 hours battery life, and JBL provides 4-5 hours.

On charging, both give you a single with the color light. But, both don’t show the battery percentage. As well, you can get one charging cable in the box.


Both can be connected with wire and Bluetooth. As well, you can attach these with a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop. 

The range of both speakers is perfect. You can move from one to another without losing connection or didn’t face any lack in music. 

Both are equal in connectivity. So, don’t worry about the connectivity from both devices.


As you can see in the table, there has a massive difference in the price. Moreover, prices change according to time, As well as with offers.

If you are getting a better deal on Amazon or Flipkart, then go for your favorite one because both are good in their price range.

My words on these Bluetooth speakers

We almost give every useful information about the Philips BT50B & JBL GO speakers. So, now you can easily decide that which one made for you? 

I hope you must decide about speakers. But if you are still confused, then let me help you in this case because you must be confused in style or specifications. 

If you want a style and clear sound speaker, But you can compromise with the loud volume. Then Philips will be the best choice for you. 

Otherwise, you can pick JBL GO for loud sound and nice bass as well. Besides this, both are almost similar in all features.

If you have any questions or suggestions, then you can ask use in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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