Free Paramount Plus Accounts 2021: 4 Methods

Do you want to get a Free Paramount Plus account? We know how difficult it is to find Free Paramount accounts.

But fortunately, we have found a way for Free Paramount Plus Account. Our article will help you to crack Free Paramount Plus Accounts with our Insider’s Guidance!

We know that lots of websites are providing the wrong information in their blog post to get traffic.

However, this article provides only those ways, that will help you to get free paramount plus accounts list, at a cheap price or a way to get all paramount plus accounts for free.

Paramount Plus: What It Offers?

Paramount plus is a video streaming platform, which offers classic TV shows and movies to watch online.

Moreover, it covers the content of CBS, Sports HQ, Entertainment Tonight, Nickelodeon, BET, etc. In addition to that, you can stream these films and shows in full HD and ultra-HD resolution.

Moving further, here you will be able to stream in full HD and ultra-HD resolution. Moreover, Paramount plus is available for Android and iOS users too!

Now you don’t have to watch these TV shows or movies on a smaller screen of your smartphone because paramount plus works very well with Smart TVs as well!

To grab paramount accounts, use the given methods and follows the provide steps to grab accounts.

Method 1: Using

I know most people are wondering, What is It is a website that provides several streaming platforms such as, videos, sports, utility, education, and music at an affordable price.

Paramount Plus is also available in the list of Moreover, it is $2.99 for a month, and you don’t have to pay anything after the first payment!

So if you want Paramount Plus Accounts at a very low price, follow the steps below:

Steps To Get Paramount Plus Accounts Using

  • Enter the required details and create an account
  • Once create your account, click on explore button (in the left menu ) and find the Paramount Plus on the given streaming platforms
  • Click on the Paramount Plus icon, and you will see like this
  • Select any plan that you can afford, and click on purchase

( If we compare the plans, 19.99$/year is better than pay 2.99$/moth, which costs you around 35.88$ per year with fewer benefits)

  • It’s on you to go with the limited-commercials or commercial-free. But I recommend you to go commercial-free to save money by using the 19.99$ plan.

( To get a screenshot for you, I am selecting the monthly plan of paramount plus)

  • Once you tap on the purchase button, it will move you to the payment gateway page. Make your payments with a credit card, apple pay, etc. Don’t worry it is safe.
  • Once it is done, you will get the confirmation message and email and page like this
  • Go to Subscription in the left menu. Here you can see all the accounts that you have purchased from AccountBot.
  • Click on the latest Paramount plus, which you have purchased. Click on Get Account
  • Here you can see the account page with empty login and password details. Click on the Generate button.
  • The login username and password will be shown as you click on Generate. Copy those login credentials.
  • DONE! Enjoy the paramount Plus Premium.


If you still have doubts, here is the proof. You can see the email ID is the same, that is used for login, and given by the 

If the given account didn’t work or give some error, just click on the replace button, and you will get new account details just in 30 seconds.

By the way, do not forget changing passwords & email isn’t allowed for accountbot accounts.

Method 2: Using Paramount Plus Account Usernames & Passwords 

If you don’t want to pay any single penny to get a Paramount Plus account, you can use the given username & passwords.

Moreover, do not change usernames and passwords, otherwise, you will be unable to use these accounts. Because the real owner of these accounts will change usernames and passwords.

Here is the list of usernames and passwords for the paramount plus account:

[email protected]dmpatel30
[email protected]Eb112004
[email protected]Alice3hoping
[email protected]Eded9848
[email protected]b5191467
[email protected]indirani
[email protected]krithi88
[email protected]cdefgahc
[email protected]choosie
[email protected]ahmad1975
[email protected]Shadow@2
[email protected]0blivion
[email protected]hamster1
[email protected]Crazy123!
[email protected]e16*01Mr
[email protected]DemonicDeath1134
[email protected]frank1997
[email protected]lolim2lazzy
[email protected]Fabian120699!
[email protected]q2dm1111
[email protected]ichbinderbeste
[email protected]cdefgahc
[email protected]substation232
[email protected]9510258ty

Method 3: Using Torrent

I know torrent is illegal in many countries, But torrent can run with help VPN. Almost everyone uses a torrent using VPN and download what where they want.

If you don’t know about torrents, torrent is like the internet from where you can find almost everything that you want for free.

The government ban internet in many countries, to use torrent on your device. Full fill the required things and follow the given steps.

To Use Torrent Required Things 

  • VPN: It is a must because the government has banned the torrent
  • Device to use the internet: phone android, ios, pc, etc.
  • utorrent software: to download torrent files.

Steps To Use Torrent

  • First, use VPN to open torrent websites
  • Visit the torrent website and search for movies/series, want to download
  • Click on the magnet torrent link 
  • it will automatically start downloading movies/shows in torrent

Let’s Jump Into Action

First of all, visit any torrent websites, there are several websites available to use torrent. But I personally use the given websites.

  3. extratorrent: Visit this page for extratorrent.

These are the search engine of the torrent, from where you can search for anything that you want to download. Here is the screen of the torrent website.

On this website, you can see a huge search bar, where you can type what where you want to download. 

Because this website provides movies, shows, applications, software, games, etc. 

Just enter any movie/series name to find your stuff, and select from the given options. 

After that, you can see the magnet option on the download page, as you can see in the given screenshot. Click on the magnet option.

It will open torrent and start downloading your movie/series. The speed of downloading will depend on how many people are downloading the same stuff. 

I know it sounds weird, but torrent work like that. Also, don’t forget to close the torrent because it needs to close from its menu option. 

Also, turn off the VPN service after using the downloading starts in torrent.

Method 4: Using Telegram

Telegram is also another way to get premium stuff for free because here you can see a number of groups that provide download links or movies/series in telegram groups. 

Moreover, most of the people sell here Netflix, Spotify, and other streaming platform accounts at a cheap price.  

But compare to this I prefer to buy accounts from the than the telegram. because they provide support which is not able on the telegram. 

Which Method Should You Use?

I almost use every single method, I mention in this article. So, I personally recommend you to use the method Because it is very useful and affordable. 

Also, We can get access to the original platforms that provide amazing user experiences.

The only con in this method is, we can change the username and password while using the account.

In Conclude

I hope these methods will help you to get a Paramount Plus account or content. I personally try these methods before writing this article, so you can get the right information this article.

On this website, Before writing any kind of information or methods, we made a deep search, so our visitors can get the right knowledge from our website.

I hope this article is helpful for you, If you have any type of questions or suggestions for us, leave them in the comment section. We are here to help you.

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