How Optimized Images Improve Your Website Performance?

Images are the visual assets of a website. They play an essential role in the smooth performance of a website. Whether it’s a thumbnail image, feature images, or more, high-quality pictures attract maximum viewers and often compel them to stay longer on your website. 

Your website visuals play an essential role in getting the audience’s trust. However, we can’t deny the impact of videos from an entertaining prospect. But videos are heavy files and may slow your website’s loading speed with the server. Images are the endgame to ensure the better functioning of the website. 

You must upload high-quality and optimized images or videos on your website to ensure its efficient functioning. Today, we will explore ImageDiamond’s Image Compressor tool that will suit your website requirements and help you improve its performance. So, stay hooked!  

What Are Image Converters?

Image Converters

Image converters are advanced tools that help you compress images, enhance, and convert your image file types readily. They are available online, and you may use them for free without paying a single penny. 

Image converters support different image file types, including PNG, JPEG, JPG, WebP, GIFs, and more. They effortlessly adjust your image file types and sizes as you desire them to be without disturbing the pixels or quality.

ImageDiamond: An Ideal Platform to Get Image Optimization

Image Optimization

Numerous image converters are available online, but not all are efficient and reliable enough to compress images. If you are looking for an efficient image converter, you have got your hands on a perfect article. ImageDiamond is an all-in-one image converting tool where you can compress, enhance, or switch its file type on a single platform.  

Pros of Using ImageDiamond’s Image Compressor   

ImageDiamond is an ideal platform for compressing your website images without damaging the quality. You can use its image compressor to reduce the file size of images and save your website’s server from getting overloaded. Below, I have mentioned a few pros you can get using ImageDiamond’s image compressor. 


This photo compressor is one of the leading and trending image converters. ImageDiamond is compatible with all file types of images. You can readily convert JPEG images to PNG and vice versa. It is also compatible with all digital devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, iPads, Androids, and iOS. 

Bulk Conversion 

This image compressor respects your valuable time, so it facilitates you with its bulk conversion feature. You can compress multiple image sizes within just a few finger clicks. It lets you compress a maximum of 10 images at once.     

Editing Facility

ImageDiamond uses advanced technology to give you an editing facility. You can add multiple effects and filters or remove the background of your images to make them more appealing.  

Free Image Compressor 

You can use ImageDiamond’s online image compressor for free. You don’t need to buy any premium plan to use this efficient image compressor online. This photo compressor is accessible globally with just a stable internet connection.      

Image Optimization   

This photo Compressor can readily optimize your images for diverse platforms, including social media and websites, with ImageDiamond’s free image compressor. High-quality images attract the maximum audience, whether it’s Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or more. ImageDiamond readily helps you compress images and reduce their file size without harming their pixels.    

Create Backup

Compressed images are easy to archive. You can easily create a backup of your content, consuming less data. Compressed pictures are also easy to retrieve, and it helps you save time. 

Make More Money via Image Optimization 

You can get numerous benefits from optimizing your website images, as research proves images take up 21% of total website weight. They attract visitors via feature and thumbnail images of your website and help you make more money. So, images have become more necessary for a website’s performance than scripts, text, fonts, or videos. 

Page Loading Speed 

Compressed images make your website load quickly; it enhances the user experience and their trust. If your website takes a long time to load, visitors might get frustrated by waiting and leave your website. So, you must compress image of website thumbnail image to boost its loading speed.

SEO Ranking 

If your website has the best user experience for users and has maximum clicks, Google Analytics ranks your website in the search engines. While uncompressed images, videos, or larger files slow your website, as SEO algorithms hate slow websites. Your website may get de-rank from search engines.

Less Storage Space

Optimizing images via ImageDiamond online image compressor will help you back up your website or social media page’ content faster. As it’s compressed, your thumbnail images will occupy less space on the server.

Balance File Size & Quality 

ImageDiamond is a perfect image size compressor that reduces the file size to the maximum without harming its quality. Additionally, if your website has a balance between file size and quality, it will make your website responsive to all networks and browsers.

Final Words 

We live in a digital world where visual aesthetics are the ruling king. Whether it’s websites or social media, pictures attract maximum audiences. High-quality images are a powerful Photo compressor for your website and social media pages to stand out. They effortlessly tell stories and elicit emotions from your audiences. 

However, you must compress website images to achieve image optimization. picture Compressed images help you rank in the search engines and get more reach. You can compress photos to their maximum by using ImageDiamond’s online image compressor for free and get all the benefits discussed above.

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