How To Use Netflix Mobile Plan On Pc & Laptop In 2021

Netflix that started as the name of KIBBLE the later on renamed Netflix for some reasons. Today Netflix is a billion-dollar company.

When Netflix launched in India. They realize that without making an affordable plan they can’t compete with Hotstar & Amazon Prime. That’s why Netflix came with a mobile plan for Indian users.

The downside of the mobile plan is you can’t use it on a computer. If you are looking for ways to use your mobile plan on computer then you are on the right page.

Here we will reveal our secret that how we use Mobile Plan on Windows computer. This trick will work on Apple Mac Computer as well.

If you read every word of this article, then you don’t need to make another search on Google about this topic.

How Netflix Mobile Plan is Different From Other Subscriptions?

Unlike other plans, Netflix introduced this subscription plan only for mobile users (India only).

It is the most affordable plan for Indian users. But unlike other subscription plans, it works only on the mobile app. So they did it attract mobile users.

What is the Different Between New Netflix Mobile Plus Plan & Mobile Plan?

Both plans are specially made for Indian users. Both plans value for money plans who a limited budget.

NetFlix mobile costs 199 Indian rupees per month and the NetFilx mobile plus plan costs 349 Indian rupees per month. But Netflix Mobile plus plan gives more features than the Netflix mobile plan.

In this new Mobile plus plan, you get High Definition (HD) video quality. As well, you can use Netflix mobile plus plan on your desktop, pc, mac, or tablet.

But in this only plan, you get stranded definition (SD) video quality and you can’t use this plan on your TV or simultaneous screens

Do you Want To Save Money?

If you can’t afford a premium subscription but want to view movies on a bigger screen then I have a solution for you.

The solution is accountbot. This is a website where you can purchase Netflix accounts at a very low price. I’m using this service for the last three months. No issue so far, working amazingly. I will provide you more details at the end of this article. Let’s back to how to use a Mobile plan on a Laptop or desktop computer.

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Can You use Netflix Mobile Plan on Pc?

A lot of people think that they can use Netflix mobile subscriptions on laptops using Bluestack software.

In this case, you don’t, Bluestack is the software for both windows & mac that can run android apps on the computer. So some smart people try to run the Netflix app on pc. 

To be honest with you it doesn’t work because Netflix already knows these tricks. Netflix app can detect the difference between the original android phone and Bluestack. 

I could write, install bluestack download Netflix, blah blah. But I prefer sharing the truth with my readers. 

Some intelligent folks give a try to screen mirror.

In case you don’t know screen mirroring is the process in which you can mirror the mobile screen on the computer with the help of some apps.

Sadly this also doesn’t work because the Netflix app shows a black screen. 

Bottom line. Don’t waste your time. I have wasted for you. I have tried all the methods available online and some my own tricks, But one of them worked.

If you can’t afford a premium plan, then use accountbot to get Netflix at few bucks. Website: Complete Process

As I mentioned before, that accountbot service that offers Netflix premium accounts at veep cheap price. Here is the screenshot.

Netflix mobile app

It also accepts payment through Paytm for Indian users.

Although buying accounts is pretty easy but if you need step by step process then check this article.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

So Are you saying that Netflix Mobile can’t Be used on Laptop?

Yes, You can’t use it because Netflix spent millions of dollars to prevent people from doing it.

I have seen some youtube videos Claiming you can use a mobile plan on a Computer by Bluestack

Well, You also need to read the comments of that video. 

Is Netflix Mobile Plan Worth It?

Because of the accountbot, I can’t recommend it anymore. Video Quality is another problem with this subscription.

Netflix Mobile plan or New Netflix Mobile Plus Plan: Which One is Batter?

In my opinion, The new Netflix mobile plus plan is much better than the old mobile plan.

Because you can get HD (High Definition) video quality on the new mobile plus plan and get SD (stranded definition) video quality on the old mobile plan.

In this, you can use your new Netflix mobile plus plan on pc or laptop But the old mobile plan didn’t give this feature.

Why Netflix App Can’t Be used on Bluestack?

The reason is Netflix doesn’t like it. Because this way, everyone will be able to use their mobile plan on the computer. Eventually, people will stop purchasing premium or standard plans. 

To generate more revenue, Netflix developed this technology that doesn’t allow users to use mobile plans on any other device.

What are the New Netflix plans for Indian users?

In India, Netflix will launch its three new Plans for Indian users. The first plan is the Mobile Plus plan on 349 Rs per month. That gives HD video quality and you can use it on pc, laptop, and tablet.

New Netflix standard plan at 649 Rs per month. With this, you can play the video in High Definition (HD), and supports two devices.

Thrid plan is the premium plan. That is priced at 799 Rs per month. In this, you can enjoy video quality up to 4K HDR resolution and supports Four devices.


I hope that you got an answer to your question. Probably a lot of people disappointed with this article, but I revealed the truth. My recommendation is to get Netflix from the accountbot. 

It will cost almost a mobile plan, and you can use a premium subscription on any device that you have. 

If you have any suggestions or queries, then let us know by the comment section.

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