NBC Cancels “Who’s The Boss” reboot after “unstable” Alyssa Milano

The problems for Alyssa Milano only keep getting worse. She embarrassed herself in front of Elon Musk, received a cease and desist letter from Volkswagon, was sued by Elon Musk, and then watched in terror as her prized car caught fire in the affluent Soho district. The effects of all that poor luck have also been recognized. 

The “Who’s the Boss” revival starring Milano, according to NBC’s entertainment chief Joe Barron, is not going to happen.

 Even with Tony Danza mentoring her, Barron claimed, “She’s just too unstable to be in command of such a significant endeavor.” 

There were at least two seasons and 36 episodes planned for the program. It hasn’t just been put on hold. We’re getting rid of it. There is always a chance that a streaming service will choose to carry the show. The Peacock service of NBC claims to have no interest. “

The theme of Milano’s performance was wokeness. She intended to portray the affluent single mother who dumped her husband after discovering she had been a lesbian all along.

NBC Cancels "Who's The Boss" reboot

 Milano’s character preferred to hire a slightly butch but still attractive cleaner, perhaps Jo from Facts of Life and her 19-year-old daughter, Chloe Moretz, rather than a hot nanny and his adorable young child.

She’s a hot little ticket, added Milano, and “I’ve always wanted to do a filthy scene with her.”

How is this kind of behavior unnecessary? That’s why NBC, at last, put a stop to it. Godspeed to the USA.

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